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Ms. Silvia

Kid's Club FCC

Licensed home daycare
Brockton, MA
7am–3:30pm, M - F

Where children grow and strive together in a safe environment!

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Each daycare has its own approach and specialties based on the provider’s expertise. Take the survey to see daycares that match your preferences and work best for you.Each daycare has its own approach & specialties. Take the survey to see 3 good matches for you.

A Few Favorite Activities

Activities are designed to help children develop social, emotional and cognitive skills as they sing, dance, play, and learn in a small group setting.

Fine motor skills development
Gross motor skills development
STEAM activities
Sensory play
Reading time
Drawing & illustration
Circle time

Activities are designed to help children develop social, emotional and cognitive skills as they sing, dance, play, and learn in a small group setting.

Each program is led by a licensed child care professional. While they each have their own expertise and approach, they all share a genuine love for educating and helping young children grow & thrive. Being licensed also means they have done a series of state-required trainings and they’ve passed a government background check.

About the Provider

Licensed Family Child Care Educator
License #9027204

  • Associate’s Degree - 2016

    Early education and care @ Massasoit community college

  • Director L,ll - 2012

    Director @ Department of early education and care

  • Lead Teacher Infant Toddler Preschool - 2010

    Lead teacher @ Massasoit community college

  • CDA Child Development Associate - 2009

    The CDA® National Credential program @ Cda Counselor

Each program is led by a licensed child care professional. While they each have their own expertise and approach, they all share a genuine love for educating and helping young children grow & thrive. Being licensed also means they have done a series of state-required trainings and they’ve passed a government background check.

Q&A with Ms. Silvia

What inspires you to care for young children?

Kids are the future, and it’s important to guide them in a way that encourages healthy communication, self-assurance, respect, and kindness. As a mother of two, I know it can be hard to find the right environment for your child. I started teaching kindergarten when I was 19 years old in Cape Verde. When I moved to the United States, I went to school and became a certified assistant, working in hospital settings. But I had always dreamed of starting my own daycare to meet the needs of the children and families in my community. The best part about working with young children is truly just getting to know them and designing activities that will speak to them.

What’s a typical day like at your daycare?

Our curriculum is very hands-on! Each day, we do something a little different so the kids are staying engaged and excited to learn. We are constantly starting new arts projects, and they are always encouraged to use their creative muscles. With sensory bins for every season and a bit of their imagination, free play time can be so inventive. We even have a grocery shop and doctor’s office set-up, so the kids can get comfortable with these real-world situations. Teamwork and collaborative play are such joyous parts of daycare. The kids tend to love doing activities in pairs or as a group. We always start our days with circle time because it allows the kids to take a moment and be present in this space together. Additionally, our days include language exposure: Spanish and Portuguese. They absolutely love learning new words in different languages and working on vocabulary with their peers. It’s also a great way to introduce one another to new cultures. We approach every day as a chance to build the foundation for a happy, healthy future.

What’s one thing parents should know about your program?

Each child will have an education tailored specifically to them. The helpful thing about a small daycare program is that it allows the kids to get the individual attention they need. A key part of what makes this possible is open and honest communication with the kids and their families. Parents should feel comfortable coming to me with any concerns or questions. Sending your little one to a daycare is really the start of an ongoing conversation. We all want what’s best for the children. Once, I had a 3-month-old child come in with some learning limitations. The family and I connected closely and ensured we were on the same page, so that child could have the best care possible. Parents should also know that the children will be looked after by two licensed professionals. After running my own program for 16 years, I’m pleased to announce that a close friend who is also passionate about childcare is currently getting licensed and will be my assistant. The more people the kids have supporting them, the better!

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Every day, through engagement in the arts, our children learn to open their imagination, to dream just a little bigger and to strive every day to reach those dreams.

~ Michelle Obama

Reviews & References

Here’s the inside scoop from other parents that have worked with Ms. Silvia.


Miss silvia is the best I know her over 13 years all my kids being with her until there we’re ready for kindergarten, never had any complaint of her my kids love her so much that they even said that her mom is there vovo (grandma). Miss Silvia I want to thank you so much for your daycare and your love for my kids and all the kids.God blessed you and your family, I recommend her at 100%🙏🏼🥰

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Ms. Silvia’s NeighborSchool143 Longwood Ave Brockton, MA 02301(339) 209-2648(339) 209-2648

There are 16 home daycares in Brockton. Most care for 6 to 10 children and take both infants and toddlers. All home daycares are licensed by the Department of Early Education and Care, just like preschool centers.

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