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Ms. Amy

Academic Prep

I started taking care of children when I was in high school and I got a job as a teacher’s assistant at a nearby daycare. After college, I got teacher certified and worked in daycare once again. After an interim period in the corporate and small business worlds, I returned to Early Childhood Education, this time directing a literacy program in public schools and then teaching in a local preschool. Opening a child care program in my own home gives me an opportunity to use my experience and my teaching skills in a new setting. I provide a safe and loving atmosphere, and I value every child’s uniqueness. I recognize that I’m a really important adult for kids who spend time with me every day, and I focus on making kids feel cared for and loved. I’m so excited about this new chapter!


Ms. Ramonita

Play-Based Learning

My daughter Adela and I have always dreamed of having our own family child care program. Opening my own child care program in my home gave me the opportunity to create the happy, welcoming environment that I think is so important. I especially love to see them start to walk and talk, but the truth is that so many parts of the day and the week bring me a lot of joy. Through it all, I focus on learning through play. One of the best parts of working with children is watching them explore and discover. The work is incredibly rewarding, especially when I think about how I've prepared children for pre-K. It's such a gift to guide the children in my program as they grow.


Ms. Nilsa

Play-Based Learning

I became a mother 13 years ago and I went to school to study early childhood to be a preschool teacher. My favorite thing about caring for children is watching them explore and discover. That has been a highlight for me throughout my7 years of experience. I have worked as an early childhood educator in daycare centers, and most recently I have been working in my own daycare program. People have said that I create an environment that is comfortable and happy. I focus on building independence, and I especially love to watch them express themselves. I’m proud when I think about all the children I've helped grow and learn. That's what makes this work so special.


Ms. Vanessa

Bilingual Daycare

Every child is unique and needs a different type of care. I know this from personal and professional experience - I have four kids, each with their own personality, interests, and needs – and I’ve worked in childcare for the past fifteen years! I also have a degree in elementary education and a preschool certification. Between my education and my life experiences as a caretaker and mom, I really know how to interact with kids, bring out the best in them, and give them patience and care on days when they need it. Having my own home daycare is the perfect way for me to use all my skills and knowledge so that children can learn and grow!

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There are 94 licensed home daycares in Hartford. Most parents don’t know that home daycare is regulated by the Office of Early Childhood, just like the big preschool centers.

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Other daycares near Hartford

All of these nearby daycares are licensed by the Office of Early Childhood. While they don’t work with NeighborSchools, you can visit the government website here to try to contact them directly.

Erica Medina

1997 Broad Street, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.54340

Licensed for 6

Erica Medina runs a licensed Family Child Care program in Hartford. As with all home daycares in Connecticut, her program is licensed by the Office of Early Childhood, which ensures that she has completed trainings in childhood development, health & safety. Home daycares like this are a great option for parents looking for small-scale, personalized child care.
Juana Batista

51 Montrose St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.56512

Licensed for 6

This home daycare in Hartford is led by Juana Batista, a licensed Family Child Care educator. By choosing licensed child care, you can rest assured that the provider has passed a government-issued background record check, and that the home daycare environment has been inspected by the state licensing department. With a maximum of just 6 children, this program is a good option for parents close to home near Hartford.
Sonia R Russell

91 Euclid St W, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.53567

Licensed for 6

Home daycares like Sonia R Russell’s are a favorite with parents who want a small-scale child care program near Hartford. All daycares on NeighborSchools are fully licensed, so you know they’ve passed a background record check and educators have completed trainings in childhood development, health & safety. This daycare takes just 6 children, so each child gets lots of individualized care while learning to socialize in a small group setting.
Sabeka Coley

85 Evergreen Av, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.56710

Licensed for 6

Family child care provider Ms. Sabeka runs this daycare out of her home in Hartford, Connecticut. She is licensed by the state to care for up to 6 children, which means she has completed required trainings and continuing education hours. Family child care programs can be a great fit for parents that want their child to get lots of individualized care and attention.
Sandra Benitez

27 Bulkeley Avenue, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.50992

Licensed for 6

A small, local home daycare in nearby Hartford, Connecticut led by Ms. Sandra. Many parents choose home daycares because the small group sizes can be great for infant and toddler development, and they are often more affordable than preschool centers. This child care program takes just 6 kids.
Luz M Rivera

424 Campfield Avenue, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.50760

Licensed for 6

Parents looking for a small-scale child care often prefer home daycares, like this one with Ms. Luz in Hartford, Connecticut. Better ratios, more flexible schedules, and lots of love for the little ones are the keys. Most daycares take a mix of ages, which helps with childhood development as infants learn from toddlers, and the preschoolers act as role models for the babies. And this daycare takes a maximum of 6 kids total!
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Even more home daycares in Hartford

You’d be surprised just how many small-scale child care programs there are in Hartford. to find options that work for you.

Nelida Travaglini

63 Douglas Street, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.45362

Licensed for 6

Johanna Sierra

64 Nepaug St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.55298

Licensed for 6

Alesia H Moore

191 Andover St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.56319

Licensed for 6

Sheika Hart French

95 Mansfield St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.57006

Licensed for 6

Iris Colon

824 Wethersfield Ave, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.56491

Licensed for 6

Laleeta Hart

77 Sequin Street, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.55510

Licensed for 6

Teresa Rivera

68 Amherst Street, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.53910

Licensed for 6

Surielys Fernandez-Degroat

402 Sigourney St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.55466

Licensed for 6

Roxana Davalos

95 Vine St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.56367

Licensed for 6

Shatia N McGriff

30 Alan Greenway, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.56530

Licensed for 6

Pramwattie Singh

131 Adelaide St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.56061

Licensed for 6

Roslyn C Johnson

256 Bellevue St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.52135

Licensed for 6

Iris Heidar

304 Vine St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.53325

Licensed for 6

Virginia Medina

134 Bonner ST, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.54785

Licensed for 6

Carmen Iris Otero

115 Newington Av, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.54318

Licensed for 6

Silvia Santos

58 Ward Pl, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.54388

Licensed for 6

Maria Rivera

555 Wethersfield Ave Apt 6, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.57315

Licensed for 6

Mejreme Bakrina

60 Cromwell St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.54082

Licensed for 6

Glenda Medina

1995 Broad St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.52956

Licensed for 6

Sally Morales

26 Vernon St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.56176

Licensed for 6

Beverly Samuels

18 Irving Street, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.56350

Licensed for 6

Tiffany A West

1475 Albany Ave, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.56401

Licensed for 6

Louise Smith

71 Seyms Street, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.45470

Licensed for 6

Patricia Frederick- Walker

132 Enfield St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.51755

Licensed for 6

Luz H Colon

19 Goodrich St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.52870

Licensed for 6

Maria Amado-Lastra

110 Grandview Terrace, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.56808

Licensed for 6

Marisol Serrano

27 Hamilton Street, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.54770

Licensed for 6

Voilet Rose

210 Euclid St W, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.56537

Licensed for 6

Giovanna Quispe de Ibarra

107 Harvard Street, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.57288

Licensed for 6

Naomi Mitchell

202 Homestead Avenue, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.41256

Licensed for 6

Jenny Serrata

160 Hubbard Road, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.53284

Licensed for 6

Noemi Pacheco-Rivera

106 Wilson St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.56546

Licensed for 6

Tracey Lawrence

463 Garden Street, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.55285

Licensed for 6

Marissa Ainzuain-Coronatta

56 Amherst St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.56768

Licensed for 6

Aida Santana

227 Flatbush Ave, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.31051

Licensed for 6

Veronica Martinez

229 Linnmoore St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.56140

Licensed for 6

Eulalia Paulino

46 Roosevelt St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.54347

Licensed for 6

Carmen N Salazar

121 Tredeau St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.55389

Licensed for 6

Patricia Malave

98 Salem St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.56237

Licensed for 6

Cecile E Schroeter

58 Pershing St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.55600

Licensed for 6

Zulma I Velazquez

427 Campfield Avenue, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.55144

Licensed for 6

Andrea Castillo

175 Brown St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.52901

Licensed for 6

Wilnelia Bianchi

635 Broad Street, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.54848

Licensed for 6

Jacqueline Torres

156 Standish St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.56690

Licensed for 6

Rosa Bodden

316 W Preston Street, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.56523

Licensed for 6

Gloria Henry

25 Huntington St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.31368

Licensed for 6

Maria Castellano

815 New Britain Ave, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.55222

Licensed for 6

Roselina De La Cruz

153 Adelaide St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.55405

Licensed for 6

Kim Natasha Boyce

27 Mckinley St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.57180

Licensed for 6

Marvelisse Burgos

48 Edgewood St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.57233

Licensed for 6

Tondra A Jenkins

92 Vine St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.52032

Licensed for 6

Lori Perry

43 Martin St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.56154

Licensed for 6

Monserrate Quintana

110 Barker St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.56691

Licensed for 6

Victorina Soto

93 Flatbush Avenue, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.52035

Licensed for 6

Annette Correa

34 Plymounth St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.52869

Licensed for 6

Maria Davila-Ortiz

104 Preston St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.56196

Licensed for 6

Martha Ramirez

169 Flatbush Ave, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.56841

Licensed for 6

Moneca Liz

273 Jefferson Street, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.56838

Licensed for 6

Daphne Davis

25 Putnam Heights, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.56816

Licensed for 6

Manuela Arango

73 Flatbush Avenue, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.56780

Licensed for 6

Guitree Beharry

18 South St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.56203

Licensed for 6

Yvette Anderson

2593 Main St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.56918

Licensed for 6

Luisa Hilares

44 Haddam St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.56755

Licensed for 6

Rina Arriaza

59 Rowe Ave, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.54372

Licensed for 6

Shirley Evans

10 Rodney St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.54478

Licensed for 6

Irma N Santome

32 Merrill St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.56434

Licensed for 6

Isabel Ortiz

271 Zion ST, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.51446

Licensed for 6

Epifania De Perez

77 Mapleton St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.54307

Licensed for 6

Carmen Diaz

19 Bates St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.56189

Licensed for 6

Martha Aguirre

451 Summit Street, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.54187

Licensed for 6

Milagros Zayas

91 Barker Street, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.54071

Licensed for 6

Carmen M Martinez

172 George St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.56116

Licensed for 6

Maritza Lopez

728 Broadview Terrace, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.31686

Licensed for 6

Leora Blair

22 Addison St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.50527

Licensed for 6

Maritza Garcia

37 Kensington Street, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.57341

Licensed for 6

Eloisa Arenas

136 Tredeau St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.57193

Licensed for 6

Antonia Tapia

5 Franklin Pl, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.56216

Licensed for 6

Lori A Fort

7 Waverly St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.54709

Licensed for 6

Latoya Brown-Clayton

25 Pliny St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.56619

Licensed for 6

Cureene Blake

120 Lebanon St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.56406

Licensed for 6

Cruz Melendez

214 Brookfield Street, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.55062

Licensed for 6

Gayette Smith Escourse

200 Sargeant Street, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.56617

Licensed for 6

Keisha McDonald

25 Natick St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.56999

Licensed for 6

Edith Sanchez

18 Roosevelt Street, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.51120

Licensed for 6

Tshana S Williams

49 Sterling St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.55462

Licensed for 6

Zepherne A Jenkins

135 Andover St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.55217

Licensed for 6

Sylvia Maldonado

161 Adelaide St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.45576

Licensed for 6

Lucia Silva

510 New Britain Ave, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.56164

Licensed for 6

Laura De Fatima Madalena

119 Madison Avenue, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.57494

Licensed for 9

Rafaela Medrano-Calderon

220 Collins St, Apt 2B, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.57441

Licensed for 6 since 2020

Hiroshima De Jesus

121 Harbison Ave, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.57381

Licensed for 9 since 2020

Raquel C Sabogal

226 Saybrooke St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.57438

Licensed for 6 since 2020

Maritza E Nunez Sanchez

16b Barbour St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.57357

Licensed for 6 since 2020

Maria S Quintana

72 Stonington St, Hartford, Ct

License # DCFH.57347

Licensed for 6 since 2020

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