People are catching on to the benefits of licensed home daycare, especially in a post-Covid world as preferences shift towards small-scale, close-to-home options for child care. 

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NeighborSchools - Home Daycare Provider
Time Magazine


October 21, 2020

“The continuity of care and this partnership that develops between a provider who works with the child for a couple of years and a parent, that’s the magic of it,” enthuses Brian Swartz, one of the founders of the Boston-based NeighborSchools. “We think this is the model for the future of childcare in America.”

WorkingMother Article Featuring NeighborSchools

Working Mother

August 25, 2020

“The majority of companies have historically under-valued and under-appreciated the importance of childcare for their workforce, especially working moms, and they have largely left parents to fend for themselves” – NeighborSchools co-founder & COO, Bridget Garsh

VentureFizz article featuring Brian Swartz and Bridget Garsh - NeighborSchools


August 24, 2020

Podcast interview with Brian & Bridget discussing the NeighborSchools origin story, the mission to bring child care back to the neighborhood, and the launch of our own podcast, Work Like a Mother

Business Insider Article Featuring NeighborSchools

Business Insider

August 13, 2020

Interview with NeighborSchools CEO Brian Swartz discussing the process to open a licensed home daycare as more early-childhood educators face an uncertain job market due to Covid-19. 

TechCrunch Article featuring NeighborSchools


March 27, 2020

“While we never envisioned this scenario, the tech we’ve built for our network is uniquely well suited to automatically match families to child care programs in real-time,” said Swartz. “In child care scheduling, we need to account for each child’s date of birth, the family’s care schedule and the licensed capacity of each program within age range.”

Crunchbase Article featuring NeighborSchools fundraise


November 5, 2019

Working parents need childcare that isn’t going to cost more than their little one’s future college tuition. Care providers need a way to navigate the regulatory and logistical challenge of opening a daycare in their homes without losing their minds (and getting paid a fair amount). Therein lies the sweet spot for Boston-based NeighborSchools. Using a software platform to make childcare easier and accessible, NeighborSchools has raised $3.5 million in a seed round led by Accomplice.