Small scale child care for working parents & precious littles

Small scale child care for working parents & precious littles

The Home Daycare Difference

See why thousands of working parents are choosing home daycare for their infants and toddlers. 

A Few Parent Favorites


Yes, there is a better way to find child care. 

Every week there are thousands of parents searching for one-off openings at thousands of daycares. It’s like a needle in a haystack and phone tag isn’t the answer. 

MagicMatch changes everything.  Put in your preferred schedule, location, birthday, and budget and see the home daycares that actually work for you. Then it’s 1-click to request more info or schedule a tour.

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In Your Neighborhood

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Fits Your Schedule

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Fits Your Budget

As new parents it was hard to not be with our little boy, but finding Ms. Jennifer was a blessing! She is so sweet with the kids and is so caring! She sends pictures and updates throughout the day which is so awesome. She's great with the kids and we can’t imagine our son anywhere else!!
Kasie C.

Child Care during Covid-19

The health & safety of children & Providers is our top priority. In addition to regular check-ins, here’s what we’re doing to keep everyone safe during Covid-19.

WB Mason + NeighborSchools - Child Care Covid-19

Teamed up with WB Mason to make sure that Providers have on-demand access to PPE & cleaning supplies at discounted rates.

New health & safety protocols including strict cleaning schedules, touchless drop-offs & pick-ups, and social distanced activities, meal-times, and napping protocols.

NeighborSchools - Provider with Children

Keeping it small. Many states have required corporate child care centers to reduce their numbers. We didn’t have that problem because most of our daycares are just six children to begin with.

About Us

We set out to create the type of child care we all want for our own families.

NeighborSchools co-founders Brian, Bridget, & Cedric
NeighborSchools co-founders Brian, Bridget, & Cedric

Child care in our country is really broken. For starters, there aren’t nearly enough good options but families. And, despite how much parents pay corporate centers, preschool teachers are paid next to nothing.

We created NeighborSchools to help the best preschool teachers, nannies, and early-childhood educators do exactly that, and let them focus on what matters most: your children.

Our goal is to create thousands of small-scale daycares across the country and bring affordable, quality child care to every neighborhood over the next few years.

We ❤️ Working Moms

Working moms work so damn hard, and most people don’t talk about it enough. Here, we do.

Work Like a Mother - Hosted by Bridget Garsh - NeighborSchools

Bridget’s weekly series features working moms of all walks, and shares the real, the raw, and the inspiring story. See previous episodes of Work Like a Mother on your platform of choice, and follow us on Instagram to catch upcoming guests.

I was Born to be a Mom

Nothing has inspired me to be stronger or bolder or more determined than becoming a mom. Motherhood has empowered me to take enormous leaps of faith at times because I’ve had to and at other

Is Home Daycare for You?

Most parents on NeighborSchools are new to all of this. It’s cool, we get it.

Everyone has questions. Here are some of the most common questions we hear from parents. 

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Q. Is this like a nanny?

A. No. Nannies are like babysitters, they may be good, but it’s not regulated by the state to ensure quality &safety.

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Q. Who are the Providers?

A. Providers are experienced child care professionals who take their work, the care of your child, seriously.

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Q. How much does home daycare cost?

A. Home daycares are usually 30-40% less expensive than nannies or corporate centers. Exact rates depend on several factors, including whether you need full-time or part-time, the exact schedule, and the age of your child. That’s why we recommend MagicMatch for new parents, so you can see what openings work for you and your budget.

Ready to find the right Provider?