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Illustration of child care provider on floor playing drums with 4 kids

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Ms. Jennifer’s NeighborSchool

Jenny's Loving Home DaycareHaverhill, MA
I’ve always wanted to work with kids. I studied elementary education in college, and I'm thrilled to have my own child care program, right here in my own neighborhood! Building a career around child care has always been a goal of mine, and I really started thinking seriously about it after the birth of my youngest son. My husband and I have three children, ages eight, two, and eleven months. Many of the programs I contacted for my sons never even responded to my calls and emails. I want to create a child care program that parents can rely on. Loving Home provides a weekly schedule and food menu, and I update parents daily on their children’s activities and development. I want families to feel comfortable knowing that their child is well cared for. I love kids and their little personalities, you just never know what you’re going to get!

Ms. April’s NeighborSchool

Brickhouse DaycareSutton, MA
There are so many stories from over the years. One that comes to mind and inspires me every day involves these two adorable sisters who joined the daycare where I was working about five years ago. They came from a foster home, the oldest was 6 and the youngest was 4, they spoke very little English. The youngest clung to me right away, always wanting to be held and seeking my love and attention. However the older immediately started to lash out and cause trouble. She would scream at nap time, tell me she was going to hurt me, and was mean to the other children as well. Every child is different, and with her I realized that the more I ignored that negative behavior, the more she learned to show me how good she could behave. It took time, but within several months she was telling me she loved me and hugging me. She was happy to see me and would share stories with me at nap time. Reflecting on the difference I made in this one child’s life made me realize that I could do this for so many others. I want to create a safe, loving, and healthy environment for all kinds of children. I hoping I help them as much as they help me!! Since these early experiences, I have worked with infants, toddlers, and preschoolers for over a decade with an emphasis on finding activities that engage a group of children and, simultaneously, create opportunities for me to pull aside each child and work with them 1:1 at some point during the day. Most recently I have worked as a licensed assistant in a Family Child Care program. Building on my experience and years of working with mixed age-ranges, I am beyond thrilled to be running my very own program. Personally, I am a mother of two great kids, ages 5 and 13. Exercise and nutrition are very important to our family, and healthy meals are a core component of my program.

Ms. Esther’s NeighborSchool

Little Sunshine Home DaycareRandolph, MA
I’ve always loved caring for children, but I really became interested in child care as a profession when I had my twin daughters. I placed them in a Family Child Care program when they were one, and I volunteered to help as much as possible. When they went to pre-K at a local child care center, I decided to get a full-time position at the same facility. Almost a decade later, I am still passionate about child care. I just love working with kids, helping them learn, and watching them grow. It’s so rewarding. I think people often don’t realize how much children are capable of, so they don’t give kids the chances they deserve. I love giving kids the time to explore and realize their potential. Even before I opened my program, people in my neighborhood would always come to me for advice about their children, like how to monitor television time or how to encourage kids to read. With my daughters and in my career, I’ve picked up a lot of tips and tricks, and I love to pass them along. It’s up to the parents to decide what works best for their family, but I love to share my own perspective whenever it might be helpful. I think when children succeed, we all benefit.
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The NeighborSchools Difference

Experienced Educators, Exceptional Programs
Unique Programming

The only cookie-cutters you’ll find are in the kitchen. Our Educators come with years of experience, diverse backgrounds and creative curriculums.

Individualized Care

Better ratios, flexible programming. Our days are based on what’s best for the kids, not what the corporate policy dictates.

Stronger Bonds

No more bouncing between assistants every six months. Your child forms a deep and special bond with their Educator. And so will you.

Hidden Gems

Go with the best program, not the biggest. Our Educators have left behind the for-profit centers, and you can too.

All of our programs are fully licensed and insured.

Background Checked
Reference Checked
Home Safety Inspection
Health & Safety Trained

We believe that child care should...

Emphasize People & Relationships

Parents connect with Educators. Educators connect with children. Children connect with each other. We’re all better when we trust and rely on our neighbors to help raise our children.

Empower Educators

Educators are crucial to our society. We need experienced educators to stay in child care, and experienced educators need to earn a livable wage.

Embrace Diverse Philosophies

There’s no one right way to educate a child. Each educator can shape their program around their preferred educational philosophy, and every parent can find a program that works for them.

Just Feel Right

You know that feeling when you really trust and connect with someone? When you know they really care? That’s what you’ll feel when you find the right child care program.

What is Licensed Family Child Care?

Licensed Family Child Care is when one experienced educator operates out of her or his home with a maximum program size of six to ten students.

To become licensed, a provider must go through:
  • A 3-part background check for every person in the household
  • Rigorous home inspection & unannounced visits from EEC Licensors at least once per year to ensure a healthy & safe environment
  • 10+ hours of continuing education per year
  • Pediatric CPR & First Aid certification
  • Medication Administration training
  • Training in Safe Sleep, Childhood Health & Nutrition

NeighborSchools partners meet or exceed all EEC licensing requirements, and many have 10+ years of professional experience prior to opening their own program.

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