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Ms. Amanda

Miles Of Smiles Childcare

Licensed home daycare
Peabody, MA
7:30am–5:30pm, M - F

A place of smiles and educational fun!

Great for parents who want...

Each daycare has its own approach and specialties based on the provider’s expertise. Take the survey to see daycares that match your preferences and work best for you.Each daycare has its own approach & specialties. Take the survey to see 3 good matches for you.

A Few Favorite Activities

Activities are designed to help children develop social, emotional and cognitive skills as they sing, dance, play, and learn in a small group setting.

Reading time
Circle time
Sensory tables
Fine motor skills development
Seasonal activities
Gross motor skills development
Arts & crafts
Drawing & illustration

Activities are designed to help children develop social, emotional and cognitive skills as they sing, dance, play, and learn in a small group setting.

Each program is led by a licensed child care professional. While they each have their own expertise and approach, they all share a genuine love for educating and helping young children grow & thrive. Being licensed also means they have done a series of state-required trainings and they’ve passed a government background check.

About the Provider

Licensed Family Child Care Educator
License #9049983

Licensing Requirements
  • Background record checked

    Government-level CORI, SORI, and fingerprinting

  • Home inspected for child safety

    Thorough assessment by a licensor from the EEC

  • Health & safety training

    Includes annual professional development hours

Each program is led by a licensed child care professional. While they each have their own expertise and approach, they all share a genuine love for educating and helping young children grow & thrive. Being licensed also means they have done a series of state-required trainings and they’ve passed a government background check.

Q&A with Ms. Amanda

Tell us about your experience working with young children?

As a mom of three, life can be busy, but I am at my happiest when I’m around kids. The more you work with kids and help them learn, the more you learn yourself. I started my program because I wanted to create a career around my passion for child care. Plus, I love supporting other parents and sharing my knowledge. When my daughter was in child care, I remember how helpful it was that the program had her on a consistent nap schedule—it made our life at home so much easier! I want to offer that same support to the families in my program and help figure out what works best for their children and their home. I hope parents see Miles of Smiles Childcare as an extension of their family.

What are the key areas of focus at your daycare?

At Miles of Smiles Childcare, we are always focused on learning, but in ways that are fun and engaging. I think everyone—children and adults—learns best when they’re having fun. Even when we are doing something ordinary, I’ll sing a song about it; the kids think it’s so funny, and it really keeps their attention. Throughout the day, we review the alphabet and other lessons, dance and sing songs, create arts and crafts, and read and tell stories. I always incorporate lots of sensory play into our days. In the backyard, I fill buckets with water and place toys inside, so kids can explore the different textures and really let their imaginations run wild. I also make boxes with sand or shredded paper and bury objects inside. Sometimes you can create the best toys out of the simplest items!

Can you tell us a bit about your home environment?

Miles of Smiles Childcare is so brightly lit and cheery! In our main area, we have lots of space to play, with designated room for “things that move” (like toy cars and trucks), quiet reading, and arts and crafts. Breakfast, lunch, and snack time are in the kitchen, and out back we have tons of fun sensory activities! That’s where we can let the kids get a bit messy with sand and water. Of course, once we’ve had our fun, we always clean up.

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Play is the highest form of research.

~ Albert Einstein

Reviews & References

Here’s the inside scoop from other parents that have worked with Ms. Amanda.


We are beyond lucky to have found Ms. Amanda! She has been caring for our daughter since she was 5 months old and we couldn’t be happier. Now our little one jets into Ms. Amanda’s door every morning with such excitement. Amanda’s sweet professional care and manners shine through everyday. Even going through a pandemic our child’s character and learning abilities have been so positive. Goes to show that Amanda really puts the children first and continues to teach and push forward even through a pandemic. We can’t recommend her enough as she has put any fears that a parent has when it comes to child care at ease. Her care for our daughter has allowed both my husband and I to continue having full time careers. For that we will forever be grateful for Ms. Amanda and Miles of Smiles.


Working with Ms. Amanda has been an absolute pleasure. As a single father the process of enrolling my son in daycare was a little overwhelming and confusing. Ms. Amanda was receptive of my concerns and respectful of my time when responding to my questions. She truly made me feel at ease and made certain I was comfortable with each step of the process. I appreciate that she takes the time to understand the unique needs and wants of each child in her care. I've noticed a positive difference in my son at home as a result. My son looks forward to seeing her and his new friends each day and this experience has been nothing but outstanding.


I have known Amanda for 11 years and once I had children I knew I could count on her to provide great care for my kids too. Being the parent of a child with disabilities, I could use help in finding new ways to build his daily learnings. Her level of patience is amazing. She can explain things in a way that he understands and celebrates each win so he is excited to learn more from her. She even found some things he was nervous about (like splitting time between homes in our blended family) and helped him realize this is is an asset. She really is a remarkable person and incredible caregiver.


I have known Amanda for 14 years, since the birth of her daughter. Having watched her raise her daughter and now her son, I can say confidently that she is always there for children's growth. She provides not only loving care, but a safe learning environment. She focuses on finding new and fun ways to introduce activities that help kids learn. When it comes to learning, Amanda makes sure each child has equal access. I trust her completely with my child.


We absolutely LOVE Amanda!! Amanda is so kind, and playful with my son! Within such a short amount of time my son was running in to hug her in the morning, and very excited to play with his friends. I feel confident my son is well taken care of while I can't be there which gives me peace of mind! Highly recommend her childcare center!


Both our children love Ms. Amanda's daycare! They learn so much every day, and I feel good knowing they spend their time with such a wonderful caregiver.

Rates & Openings

Daycare rates depend on how old your child will be and what your schedule looks like. 5 days / week might get a slight discount, and infant rates are usually more than toddlers’. Finding a spot also depends on age and schedule because each daycare has a limited number of openings for each age range.

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Ms. Amanda’s NeighborSchool5 Canterbury Dr. Peabody, MA 01960(978) 981-1721(978) 981-1721

There are 3 home daycares in Peabody. Most care for 6 to 10 children and take both infants and toddlers. All home daycares are licensed by the Department of Early Education and Care, just like preschool centers.

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