4 More Reasons to Choose Licensed Home Daycare

Many parents describe finding the right daycare Provider like “striking gold!” Discover 4 more reasons why parents in the know are increasingly turning to licensed Home Daycare for their families.

What is Universal Child Care?

From trending letters to the editor to campaign stump speeches, the idea of universal child care—and, more generally, the struggles faced by working parents—is finally being discussed across the nation. So, to better understand this debate and the real consequences for families, we are breaking down some of the questions we’ve been hearing from our community.

Dottie Williams of Dorchester, MA

For Dottie, what started as a temporary opportunity to stay home with her daughter has grown into a successful business and a life-long passion.

No Small Matter hits the big screen

When Greg Jacobs and his colleagues set out to create a documentary about early childhood education in America they assumed it would be a pretty cut and dry job. Five years later, following a screening of No Small Matter at the Wheelock Family Theater in Boston, Greg acknowledged it was anything but.

How to get a home daycare license

Are you interested in opening your own home daycare? Or are you curious about what it would take? Read on for the ultimate guide to getting a license for Family Child Care in Massachusetts.

Ellen McCullough of Acton, MA

A pillar in the early child education community, Ellen is empowering the next generation of Providers to open thriving, in-home daycares of their own.