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Three reasons to become a NeighborSchools Provider

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I'm here to help you apply for your license. , setup your home. , meet the community. , find the right families. , open your daycare. , start your new career.

Meet your people, find your purpose, and open your home daycare with NeighborSchools.

Meet your people, find your purpose,
and open your home daycare with NeighborSchools.

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Take the readiness quiz

Find out if your experience, your home, and your current situation makes home daycare a good fit for you.


Become part of the community

Join your first Community Call to learn from leading experts and fellow Providers about lots of important things. Check out upcoming events here.

Hop into the Facebook group to share learnings, feedback, and a good laugh with fellow providers.

Meet your personal licensing expert; they’ll be with you every step of the way.


Begin the Daycare Startup Program

Make a Difference

For You

Put yourself on a path to financial independence and earning potential.

For Your Family

Take care of children and take care of your family at the same time.

For Your Community

Open your doors and bring really good child care to your neighborhood.

Know your Worth

Take the readiness quiz to find out how much you could earn opening a daycare in your home.

Take the Quiz

Over 1,000 people have taken the Readiness Quiz to find out if home daycare is a good fit for them.

Got questions? We’ve got you covered.

At NeighborSchools, we make it easier to launch and run a home daycare. That’s because we know that child care matters—for parents, kids, and communities. But often, caregivers like you who do this essential work don’t get the pay or respect they deserve. Owning a home daycare allows you to build a career that’s both well paid and purpose driven. Together, we’re leading a movement to demand better pay for child care workers and better care for our children.

If you’re a parent or have ever worked with kids, you probably have the experience required to become a home daycare provider. But we’ll need to make sure your home qualifies, too. Whether you own or rent, there are some important requirements for your space. Take our quiz and we’ll help you figure out if your home is daycare-ready.

With NeighborSchools, most people open their daycare in 3 to 4 months. You’ll work with a team of experts who will help you get licensed, pass your home inspection, and find your first families. We’re here to help you get to opening day on a timeline that works for you and your family.

We know that opening a home daycare isn’t easy—that’s why it’s completely free to get started with NeighborSchools. Once you’ve launched your daycare and begin earning money from families, you’ll pay us a small portion of your revenue. This allows us to keep supporting you and to help more home daycare providers all across the US.

When you join NeighborSchools, you’ll get access to a whole team of experts who are ready to help you launch a thriving and profitable daycare. You’ll get to be your own boss but have the support of a community with hundreds of home daycare providers just like you. It really is the best way to start a career as a home daycare provider.

Providers who open their daycares with NeighborSchools have earned up to $90,000 a year. To get a better idea of your earnings based on where you live, start by filling out our Readiness Quiz.

Whether you’ve just gotten your license or have been a daycare provider for years, there’s a place for you at NeighborSchools. Contact us

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