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Meet Our Partners

Know Your Worth

Know Your Worth

NeighborSchool partners can make up to 3x the salary of the average preschool teacher.

Know Your Worth

NeighborSchool partners can make up to 3x the salary of the average preschool teacher.

Bring Your Daycare to Life

You design your program and work directly with families in your neighborhood. We help you earn more, save time, and thrive every step of the way.

4 Steps to Success

Get Licensed

Did you know the licensing process includes over 100 tasks? We’ll pair you with an expert from our team to make sure it’s smooth sailing, from your first training to your final home inspection.

Find Families

To be profitable, you’ll want to fill all of your spots as quickly as possible. We help you get there by advertising your program to 16,000+ families searching for daycare on NeighborSchools.

Build Your Business

When you open your daycare, you become a small business owner. You’ll need to create contracts, process payments, and track expenses for taxes—all things we can handle for you.

Connect & Grow

Be your own boss, but don’t go it alone. With NeighborSchools, there’s a whole community of providers to meet and learn from. When you need advice, they’ve got your back.

Real People,
Here to Help You

Real People, Here to Help You

No automated voicemails here—just a small team of people dedicated to making you and your daycare successful. When you join NeighborSchools, you’ll partner with one of our home daycare experts who’s available to help whenever you need it.


If you really, really love kids, this is the best career in the world

Frequently Asked Questions

Your family’s unique to you, but there are some pretty common questions that parents ask us when they’re trying to figure out child care.

We’re a small company with a big mission to change childcare for the better. We’re 100% focused on elevating and celebrating home-based daycare, because there’s a special magic to these small childcare programs that you just can’t get in bigger centers. We empower experienced caregivers like you—moms, dads, preschool teachers—to open their own home daycares. This allows you to earn what you deserve and work directly with families in your community. Plus, we make it easier for parents to find really great, affordable childcare with our personalized matching tool.

Together, we can take better care of our kids and each other.

It’s completely free to get started with NeighborSchools. Click here to sign up now.

Sign up for a free account. Then you can read our guide to opening a home daycare and take our Readiness Quiz to learn about your next steps. You’ll even be able to start the licensing process with our step-by-step guidance.

Answer a few questions on our Readiness Quiz to find out if you can open your own home daycare.

We love working with licensed providers! We’ll advertise your daycare to the 16,000+ families search for care on NeighborSchools so you can find the right ones for your program. We also offer a bunch of great business tools that help you save time as well as community events that support your professional development. Ready to join? Click here to apply.

More questions? Let’s talk!

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