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Small-scale child care in Pennsylvania

When smaller is better, home daycare is the best. Find great options for infants & toddlers near you.


Ms. Kathia

Infant Care

Children and parents love Ms. Kathia’s daycare in Nazareth for its small-scale, personal feel. Fully licensed by the state, her program focuses on infants and toddlers, and the mixed-age range helps children learn to socialize in a small group setting. Parents often prefer home daycare when looking for options that are closer to home, where they can develop a long-term relationship with the provider. Many come to see the provider as an extension of the family, leaning on them for advice on all sorts of parenting questions. Check out Ms. Kathia’s full profile and take the survey to see if she is a good match for your family.


Ms. Debbie

Infant Care

Children and parents love Ms. Debbie’s daycare in Quakertown for its small-scale, personal feel. Fully licensed by the state, her program focuses on infants and toddlers, and the mixed-age range helps children learn to socialize in a small group setting. Parents often prefer home daycare when looking for options that are closer to home, where they can develop a long-term relationship with the provider. Many come to see the provider as an extension of the family, leaning on them for advice on all sorts of parenting questions. Check out Ms. Debbie’s full profile and take the survey to see if she is a good match for your family.


Ms. Chelsea

Infant Care

Children are so naturally compassionate and expressive. The best part of every day is when we sit around for circle time and ask about each other’s days. It is such a joy to hear the kids talk about the activities and stories that matter most to them. They just light up when they’re sharing something they care about! It’s also a wonderful opportunity to learn more about one another and to practice kindness towards other people. The sense of community in moments like these is life-affirming.


Ms. Elisa

Bilingual Daycare

A small-scale daycare in East Syracuse, Ms. Elisa provides care for just 8 children at a time. As with all home daycares, her program is licensed by the state and she’s completed training in childhood ages & stages, medication administration, and food safety. In this mixed-age group program, children get the socialization, stimulation and support they need to learn and grow. Parents are often surprised to discover home daycares like Ms. Elisa right in the neighborhood. See more details and take the survey to see if she has an opening for your little one.

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There are 421 licensed home daycares in Pennsylvania. Most parents don’t know that home daycare is regulated by the government child care agency, just like the big preschool centers.

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Other daycares near Pennsylvania

All of these nearby daycares are licensed by the state. While they don’t work with NeighborSchools, you can visit the government website to try to contact them directly.

Carla Densmore

300 O Connor St, Ford City, PA

License # CER-00163137

Licensed for 6

Carla Densmore runs a licensed Family Child Care program in Ford City. As with all home daycares in Pennsylvania, her program is licensed by the government child care agency, which ensures that she’s completed trainings in childhood development, health & safety. Home daycares like this are a great option for parents looking for small-scale, personalized child care.
Dawn Treece

205 Mcclarren St, Manorville, PA

License # CER-00165276

Licensed for 6

This home daycare in Manorville is led by Dawn Treece, a licensed Family Child Care educator. By choosing licensed child care, you can rest assured that the provider has passed a government-issued background record check, and that the home daycare environment has been inspected by the state licensing department. With a maximum of just 6 children, this program is a good option for parents close to home near Manorville.
Our Precious Angels Inc

419 Ford St, Ford City, PA

License # CER-00163745

Licensed for 12

Home daycares like Our Precious Angels Inc’s are a favorite with parents who want a small-scale child care program near Ford City. All daycares on NeighborSchools are fully licensed, so you know they’ve passed a background record check and educators have completed trainings in childhood development, health & safety. This daycare takes just 12 children, so each child gets lots of individualized care while learning to socialize in a small group setting.
Stacey M Thomas

526 Butler Rd, Kittanning, PA

License # CER-00162487

Licensed for 6

Family child care provider Ms. Stacey runs this daycare out of her home in Kittanning, Pennsylvania. She’s licensed by the state to care for up to 6 children, which means she’s completed required trainings and continuing education hours. Family child care programs can be a great fit for parents that want their child to get lots of individualized care and attention.
Pamela Husar

304 Pleasant View Dr, Kittanning, PA

License # CER-00169718

Licensed for 6

A small, local home daycare in nearby Kittanning, Pennsylvania led by Ms. Pamela. Many parents choose home daycares because the small group sizes can be great for infant and toddler development, and they are often more affordable than preschool centers. This child care program takes just 6 kids.
Tiffany Helit

637 Butler Rd, Kittanning, PA

License # CER-00163953

Licensed for 6

Parents looking for a small-scale child care often prefer home daycares, like this one with Ms. Tiffany in Kittanning, Pennsylvania. Better ratios, more flexible schedules, and lots of love for the little ones are the keys. Most daycares take a mix of ages, which helps with childhood development as infants learn from toddlers, and the preschoolers act as role models for the babies. And this daycare takes a maximum of 6 kids total!
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Even more home daycares in Pennsylvania

You’d be surprised just how many small-scale child care programs there are in Pennsylvania. to find options that work for you.

Donna Gabler

109 Ford St, Kittanning, PA

License # CER-00169708

Licensed for 6

Yudelka Nunez Family Child Care Home

1043 Buttonwood St, Reading, PA

License # CER-00165136

Licensed for 6

Miledy Hidalgo

216 W Greenwich St, Reading, PA

License # CER-00171278

Licensed for 6

Juana Rodriguez

232 Greenwich St, Reading, PA

License # CER-00173675

Licensed for 6

Jennifer Farrell

839 Columbia Ave, Reading, PA

License # CER-00166731

Licensed for 6

Little Hands Curious Minds Childcare Llc

903 N 8th St, Reading, PA

License # CER-00173811

Licensed for 12

Rose Johnson

318 Bassler St, Martinsburg, PA

License # CER-00175392

Licensed for 6

Cheryl Dively

140 Reed St, Sproul, PA

License # CER-00172094

Licensed for 6

Abi Bush

168 Packard St, Claysburg, PA

License # CER-00168552

Licensed for 6

Karen Hayford

210 Glaser St, Sayre, PA

License # CER-00162273

Licensed for 6

Jean Garnett

Old Croydon, Croydon, PA

License # CER-00163836

Licensed for 6

Colleen Distefano

1184 Treeline Dr, Bensalem, PA

License # CER-00168075

Licensed for 6

Suzanne Armstrong Fcch

10th Btwn Broad & Juniper, Quakertown, PA

License # CER-00172158

Licensed for 6

Karen Dougherty

Vermilion Hills Section, Levittown, PA

License # CER-00177569

Licensed for 6

Emilie Road Day Care Center Inc

Little People Daycare, Levittown, PA

License # CER-00168165

Licensed for 12

Sheri Umberger

256 Doone Rd, Fairless Hills, PA

License # CER-00172569

Licensed for 6

Sheila Mcgoldrick

Minutes From I-95 Close To, Croydon, PA

License # CER-00176549

Licensed for 12

Cathy Baker

44 Clover Ln, Levittown, PA

License # CER-00172441

Licensed for 6

Emilie Road Day Care Center Inc

Little People Day Care, Levittown, PA

License # CER-00168167

Licensed for 12

Discovery Day Care Of Morrisville Inc

74 N Pennsylvania Ave Rear, Morrisville, PA

License # CER-00169780

Licensed for 12

Butler County Family Ymca

117 W Penn St, Butler, PA

License # CER-00166409

Licensed for 12

Little Learners Family Childcare Home Llc

585 Joan St, Cranberry Township, PA

License # CER-00170359

Licensed for 6

Mary Smith

115 American Ave, Butler, PA

License # CER-00172384

Licensed for 6

Barbara Schrecengost

1649 Hooker Rd, Karns City, PA

License # CER-00169010

Licensed for 12

Royhab Child Care Llc

1020 S Washington St, Evans City, PA

License # CER-00167298

Licensed for 12

Amy Bodema

434 Zeigler Ave, Butler, PA

License # CER-00166390

Licensed for 6

Kerrie A Hardt

198 Railroad St, Callery, PA

License # CER-00174504

Licensed for 6

Joyce Serino

29 Dover Drive, Cranberry Twp, PA

License # CER-00168520

Licensed for 6

Nancy Stacy

219 Sandalwood Dr, Cranberry Township, PA

License # CER-00168508

Licensed for 6

Baker Street Church Of God

Corner Baker Veteran Acme, Rimersburg, PA

License # CER-00175646

Licensed for 12

Nanas Little Hands And Feet

113 Hemlock Ln, Bloomsburg, PA

License # CER-00170316

Licensed for 12

Tammy Rupert

143 N 3rd St, Catawissa, PA

License # CER-00172065

Licensed for 6

Abby Beach

412 W 1st St, Bloomsburg, PA

License # CER-00178266

Licensed for 6

Dianne Irwin

12840 Finley Ave, Meadville, PA

License # CER-00161694

Licensed for 6

Virginia Beavis

314 E Main St, Titusville, PA

License # CER-00171338

Licensed for 6

Cheryl Whitney

530 W Elm St, Titusville, PA

License # CER-00169538

Licensed for 6

Michelle Stevens

2831 W 10th St, Chester, PA

License # CER-00172697

Licensed for 12

Mary Robinson-Banks

2002 W 4th St, Chester, PA

License # CER-00177764

Licensed for 12

Quality And Kreative Kids Childcare Center Llc

206 W Washington Ave, Clifton Heights, PA

License # CER-00172983

Licensed for 6

Mrs Bs Kiddie Garden

801 W 3rd St, Chester, PA

License # CER-00168887

Licensed for 12

Joshuas Circle & Friends Childcare Center Llc

64 Barker Ave, Sharon Hill, PA

License # CER-00174858

Licensed for 6

Dana Patriarch

323 Seneca St, Essington, PA

License # CER-00167294

Licensed for 12

Teri Everett

521 Highland Ave, Chester, PA

License # CER-00164904

Licensed for 12

Precious Gift Daycare

1827 W 6th St, Chester, PA

License # CER-00167194

Licensed for 6

Vanita Doward

432 E 20th St, Chester, PA

License # CER-00169859

Licensed for 12

Brenda Whitaker

112 N Front St, Darby, PA

License # CER-00172389

Licensed for 6

Bcrg Childcare Services Llc

208 Hirst Ave, Lansdowne, PA

License # CER-00171066

Licensed for 6

Chauntel Evans

1628 Powell Rd, Brookhaven, PA

License # CER-00167304

Licensed for 6

Hawa Family Care

1305 Elmwood Ave, Sharon Hill, PA

License # CER-00163523

Licensed for 12

Rosemary Harbison Fcch

2115 Redwood Ave, Upper Chichester, PA

License # CER-00169594

Licensed for 6

Trena Wilson

217 Church St, Huntingdon, PA

License # CER-00177970

Licensed for 6

Kathleen Hudack

1312 Washington St, Huntingdon, PA

License # CER-00165755

Licensed for 6

Regina Raffensberger

200 Liverpool St, Mount Union, PA

License # CER-00170871

Licensed for 12

Michele Rupert

834 Warm Springs Acres, Huntingdon, PA

License # CER-00167522

Licensed for 6

Jeanne Lockard

25 Larch Rd, Clymer, PA

License # CER-00171650

Licensed for 6

Joanne M Shedlock

315 Sherman St, Clymer, PA

License # CER-00167810

Licensed for 12

Prenni Family Day Care

629 Main St, Ernest, PA

License # CER-00173671

Licensed for 6

Judith Wells

Same Site As, Reynoldsville, PA

License # CER-00171259

Licensed for 6

Elizabeth A Pape

298 Main St, Anita, PA

License # CER-00167515

Licensed for 6

Joann Kulick

609 N Irving Ave, Scranton, PA

License # CER-00167723

Licensed for 6

Janet Kalasinski

111 Fairview Ave, Clarks Summit, PA

License # CER-00169845

Licensed for 6

Tonya Parker

311 E Wallace Ave, New Castle, PA

License # CER-00170469

Licensed for 6

Mary E Ware

1137 Eastbrook St, New Castle, PA

License # CER-00169881

Licensed for 12

Esther May

1502 1/2 W State St, New Castle, PA

License # CER-00170528

Licensed for 6

Magdalena Batista Pena

529 Canal St, Lebanon, PA

License # CER-00168397

Licensed for 6

Jennifel Gonzalez

634 Meadow Dr, Lebanon, PA

License # CER-00171270

Licensed for 12

Robinson Jimenez

133 S 10th St, Lebanon, PA

License # CER-00177341

Licensed for 12

Ann Rider

165 Julia Ln, Lebanon, PA

License # CER-00168399

Licensed for 6

Luisa Rosario

224 S 8th St, Lebanon, PA

License # CER-00173872

Licensed for 12

Jessica Rosario Aguilera

330 Canal St, Lebanon, PA

License # CER-00169831

Licensed for 12

Christine Redd

Po Box 387, Jonestown, PA

License # CER-00167064

Licensed for 6

Milagros Zuleta

944 Reinoehl St, Lebanon, PA

License # CER-00173738

Licensed for 6

Kelly Gassert

1323 Jill Ann Dr, Lebanon, PA

License # CER-00173621

Licensed for 6

Elma Canales

243 Lehman St, Lebanon, PA

License # CER-00178178

Licensed for 6

Linda Sweigart

3 Southfield Rd, Lebanon, PA

License # CER-00177029

Licensed for 6

Maria Veras Family Daycare Inc

27 N 12th St, Allentown, PA

License # CER-00168845

Licensed for 6

Sheida Alvarez

2905 Moravian Ave, Allentown, PA

License # CER-00178051

Licensed for 6

Vivian Perez

302 S 17th St, Allentown, PA

License # CER-00169247

Licensed for 6

Gloria De La Cruz

1050 E Gordon St, Allentown, PA

License # CER-00168723

Licensed for 6

Vanessa Mauricio Rivera

1127 W Tilghman St, Allentown, PA

License # CER-00171469

Licensed for 6

Santa Garcia

1220 W Whitehall St, Allentown, PA

License # CER-00168569

Licensed for 6

Rosalinda Polanco

262 E Fairview St, Allentown, PA

License # CER-00168721

Licensed for 6

Daisy Nivar

917 S Hall St, Allentown, PA

License # CER-00174216

Licensed for 6

Lariza Ramirez

116 N 18th St, Allentown, PA

License # CER-00161945

Licensed for 6

Ana Diaz-Antigua

220 N West St, Allentown, PA

License # CER-00162008

Licensed for 6

Maximiliana Pena

422 1/2 N Fulton St, Allentown, PA

License # CER-00167554

Licensed for 6

Heisy Franco

515 N 21st St, Allentown, PA

License # CER-00167286

Licensed for 6

Fatima Del Rosario Gutierrez

523 N 4th St, Allentown, PA

License # CER-00165795

Licensed for 6

Zunilda De Los Santos

1025 W Tilghman St, Allentown, PA

License # CER-00176878

Licensed for 6

Sofias Garden

1105 Catasauqua Ave, Allentown, PA

License # CER-00175682

Licensed for 6

Sanchez Yessica

509 N 9th St, Allentown, PA

License # CER-00178242

Licensed for 6

Batista Family Daycare Inc

115 N Madison St, Allentown, PA

License # CER-00168918

Licensed for 6

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