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Ms. Dottie

Play-Based Learning

I've been working with families and children for more than 15 years and have run my own program for more than a decade. I am committed to creating an enriching environment that fosters the growth of all children. Through my formal education and ongoing training, I am able to support each child's unique personality and development. I believe in providing outstanding service, and I cherish the relationships that I build with all of the children and families in our care.


Ms. Marisela

Arts & Music

As any parent knows, children just bring so much joy into your life. Everything is so new to them, and their excitement about the smallest things makes everyone around them excited, too. They make you realize how special it is to be in the world. Children have always been a big part of my life. I’ve worked as a daycare assistant for three years, and I’ve also had three kids of my own. Watching them grow up is so rewarding, and I decided to open a daycare so I could help local families. As a mother, I know it’s not easy to find caregivers you can trust. The kids in my small program will have the individual attention they need to really flourish.


Ms. Melissa

Play-Based Learning

My favorite thing about caring for children is watching them explore and discover. That has been a highlight for me throughout my 11 years of experience. I have worked as a child care professional in early childhood education programs, and most recently I have been running my own program. People have said that I create an environment that is welcoming and engaging. I focus on building independence, and I especially love to read books to them. I’m proud when I think about all the children I've helped grow and learn. That's what makes this work so special.


Ms. Fatima

Montessori Approach

Young children can be so wonderfully kind and considerate. They’re eager to make new friends and open to new experiences. After working as an assistant at a daycare program and having my own kids, I realized how powerful that positive energy is. Young kids are an inspiration, a reminder to us all to be our most caring selves.

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There are 92 licensed home daycares in Roxbury. Most parents don’t know that home daycare is regulated by the Department of Early Education and Care, just like the big preschool centers.

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Ms. Vileisis

Play-Based Learning

Prior experience is important when it comes to taking care of children. Childcare has been part of my life for as long as I can remember! Growing up, my mom had her own daycare program in our home, and I learned a lot from watching her and from being part of a care community at a young age. As a result, I know just what it takes to make a home daycare work! As a mother now myself, I understand even more about providing quality care at all times and working together with parents as partners. I work hard to make sure my home is a place where children are happy and learning every day, and where parents can feel sure that their child is safe and receiving the best care possible.


Ms. Ylonka

Early Intervention Expertise

These are the days when the children are finding themselves, figuring out who they want to be, and discovering what interests them. Even at this young age, you can see their personalities emerging. The interactions that they have every day really matter. They’re learning how to make friends and how to take in the world. It’s such a special time in their lives, and it’s an honor to be with them at such a formative stage.


Ms. Lakeisha

Play-Based Learning

Children learn best when they are having fun. Planning exciting activities that I know kids will love and learn from is a real passion for me. Every child is so unique, and I offer many different types of activities that vary from week to week. There is always something to get excited about and dive into in my program! Arts & crafts, reading, and singing and dancing all bring joy to the children’s hearts and to mine. I’ve wanted to be a teacher from a young age - my first ‘students’ were my sisters, in a classroom I would set up for them in our home after school. Little did I know how much practice I was getting for my future career!


Ms. Erika

Arts & Music

Children are at the heart of every community. They are so caring and open to new friends, and that warmth and generosity is so nice to be around. Every child also comes with their own community. They have a family and friends and other mentors who really care about them. If we all work together, we are capable of creating a safe and happy environment for our kids. I was inspired to start my own daycare after watching my mother run hers for 25 years. A love of caring for others runs in the family, and it’s a passion I look forward to passing on to future generations.


Ms. Angela

Sleep Training Specialist

A small-scale daycare in Dorchester, Ms. Angela provides care for just 6 children at a time. As with all home daycares, her program is licensed by the state and she’s completed training in childhood ages & stages, medication administration, and food safety. In this mixed-age group program, children get the socialization, stimulation and support they need to learn and grow. Parents are often surprised to discover home daycares like Ms. Angela right in the neighborhood. See more details and take the survey to see if she has an opening for your little one.


Ms. Chelsea

Infant Care

All young children have so much potential. Figuring out what each individual needs from their education and caregiver to untap that potential is like a puzzle, and it keeps every day different and engaging. Looking after kids is a lifelong passion of mine. It comes very naturally, because growing up, I would always help take care of my younger siblings. One of my sisters is actually severely dyslexic and struggled at school. Once I stepped in as her tutor, we spent a lot of time together getting her schoolwork done. Our one-on-one sessions were a fun way to learn that took away some of the pressure and frustrations that come from having a learning disability. It was inspiring to see her progress. Children who come to my daycare will find this same patience, understanding, and dedication to their education.

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Other daycares near Roxbury

All of these nearby daycares are licensed by the Department of Early Education and Care. While they don’t work with NeighborSchools, you can visit the government website here to try to contact them directly.

Carmen Santana

119 Homestead Street, Dorcester, MA

License # 9027786

Licensed for 10 since 2007

Carmen Santana runs a licensed Family Child Care program in Dorcester. As with all home daycares in Massachusetts, her program is licensed by the Department of Early Education and Care, which ensures that she has completed trainings in childhood development, health & safety. Home daycares like this are a great option for parents looking for small-scale, personalized child care.
Esmeralda Adames

43 Oldfields Road 2nd Floor, Dorchester, MA

License # 9033372

Licensed for 6 since 2018

This home daycare in Dorchester is led by Esmeralda Adames, a licensed Family Child Care educator. By choosing licensed child care, you can rest assured that the provider has passed a government-issued background record check, and that the home daycare environment has been inspected by the state licensing department. With a maximum of just 6 children, this program is a good option for parents close to home near Dorchester.
Mariluz Pimentel

56 Bower Street, Roxbury, MA

License # 9027233

Licensed for 8 since 1998

Home daycares like Mariluz Pimentel’s are a favorite with parents who want a small-scale child care program near Roxbury. All daycares on NeighborSchools are fully licensed, so you know they’ve passed a background record check and educators have completed trainings in childhood development, health & safety. This daycare takes just 8 children, so each child gets lots of individualized care while learning to socialize in a small group setting.
Lilliana Pizarro

112 Magnolia Street Bldg.2 Apt. 3, Dorchester, MA

License # 9031640

Licensed for 4 since 2005

Family child care provider Ms. Lilliana runs this daycare out of her home in Dorchester, Massachusetts. She is licensed by the state to care for up to 4 children, which means she has completed required trainings and continuing education hours. Family child care programs can be a great fit for parents that want their child to get lots of individualized care and attention.
Angela Salazar Barbosa

5 West Cottage Street, Dorchester, MA

License # 9025270

Licensed for 8 since 2004

A small, local home daycare in nearby Dorchester, Massachusetts led by Ms. Angela. Many parents choose home daycares because the small group sizes can be great for infant and toddler development, and they are often more affordable than preschool centers. This child care program takes just 8 kids.
Greter I Andujar

3 Esmond Street, Apt #2, Dorchester, MA

License # 9024636

Licensed for 10 since 2003

Parents looking for a small-scale child care often prefer home daycares, like this one with Ms. Greter in Dorchester, Massachusetts. Better ratios, more flexible schedules, and lots of love for the little ones are the keys. Most daycares take a mix of ages, which helps with childhood development as infants learn from toddlers, and the preschoolers act as role models for the babies. And this daycare takes a maximum of 10 kids total!

Even more home daycares in Roxbury

You’d be surprised just how many small-scale child care programs there are in Roxbury. to find options that work for you.

Maria Acosta

98 Stanwood St, Dorchester, MA

License # 9026767

Licensed for 6 since 2004

Marileydis Cabrera

61 Oldfields Rd. Apt 1, Dorchester, MA

License # 9026510

Licensed for 10 since 2016

Isabel Andrade Barros

136 Erie Street, Dorchester, MA

License # 9028462

Licensed for 8 since 2008

Sabrina Knights

1 Haley Street, Roxbury, MA

License # 9033295

Licensed for 8 since 2007

Karen Granger

119 Regent Street #1, Roxbury, MA

License # 0001011

Licensed for 6 since 1994

Maria Otano

47 School Street #3, Roxbury, MA

License # 9031015

Licensed for 10 since 2008

Shaila Quader

17 Wabeno Street, Dorchester, MA

License # 9018364

Licensed for 6 since 2002

Victoria Ortiz

95 Devon Street # 2, Dorchester, MA

License # 9029214

Licensed for 8 since 2002

Milagros Castillo

194 Magnolia St # 2, Dorchester, MA

License # 9029853

Licensed for 8 since 1999

Catherine Palmer

40 Crawford Street # 2, Dorchester, MA

License # 9031355

Licensed for 10 since 1986

Juanda Alexander

8 Pasadena Rd, Dorchester, MA

License # 9033936

Licensed for 10 since 1997

Melissa Cherrie

8 Creston Park Unit 1, Dorchester, MA

License # 9029912

Licensed for 10 since 2001

Maria Ventura

38 Walnut Park Apt. #6, Roxbury, MA

License # 9028808

Licensed for 6 since 2017

Merideth Pomare

2 Linwood Square, Boston, MA

License # 9031831

Licensed for 8 since 2000

Terri Ann Gillings

397 Seaver Street, Dorchester, MA

License # 9031521

Licensed for 10 since 2005

Felicia Daniel

18 Sonoma St Apt 6, Dorchester, MA

License # 9024238

Licensed for 6 since 2003

Lisbet Ortega

83 Maple Street #3, Dorchester, MA

License # 0001035

Licensed for 10 since 2003

Johany Bobadilla

11 Waumbeck St # 2, Dorchester, MA

License # 9027036

Licensed for 10 since 2004

Shamonda Bennett

23 Holborn St, Dorchester, MA

License # 9028076

Licensed for 10 since 2001

Yoselin Martinez

97 Waumbeck Street, Boston, MA

License # 9028612

Licensed for 10 since 2001

Bianela Bautista

40 Woodcliff Street, Dorchester, MA

License # 9031147

Licensed for 8 since 2014

Argentina Rodriguez

37 Warner Street Apt. 2, Dorchester, MA

License # 9025280

Licensed for 10 since 2007

Anselma Carmona

23 Wabon Street #2, Dorchester, MA

License # 9031723

Licensed for 6 since 2018

Joyce Allen

244 Humboldt Avenue #1, Dorchester, MA

License # 0000210

Licensed for 10 since 2012

Melissa Robinson

84 Seaver Street, Dorchester, MA

License # 9030743

Licensed for 10 since 2008

Dulce Suarez

17 Sonoma St Apt 2, Dorchester, MA

License # 9025567

Licensed for 10 since 2004

Kenaya Washington

31 Warner Street, Dorchester, MA

License # 9027397

Licensed for 6 since 2016

Carolina Zabala

165 Harvard Street, Dorchester, MA

License # 9031142

Licensed for 6 since 2017

Aida Serrano

32 Gaston Street, Dorchester, MA

License # 9032602

Licensed for 8 since 2005

Vilma Rosario

102 Howard Avenue Basement, Dorchester, MA

License # 9027094

Licensed for 6 since 2016

Jennifer Jimenez

69 Alexander Street, Dorchester, MA

License # 9031514

Licensed for 10 since 2014

Aleida Santana Arias

282 Walnut Ave Apt 1, Roxbury, MA

License # 9040384

Licensed for 8 since 1995

Christie Burgos

3 Nightingale St, Dorchester, MA

License # 9024570

Licensed for 8 since 2013

Yesenia Cruz

411 Seaver Street #2, Dorchester, MA

License # 9020928

Licensed for 10 since 2011

Luz Baez

140 A Magnolia Street, Dorchester, MA

License # 9031655

Licensed for 6 since 2008

Rebecca Strom

65 Kingsdale Street # 1, Dorchester, MA

License # 9032103

Licensed for 8 since 2002

Luz Mazo

9 Weld Avenue #2, Roxbury, MA

License # 9031883

Licensed for 8 since 2009

Raquel Medina

134 Blue Hill Avenue, Roxbury, MA

License # 0000744

Licensed for 6 since 2015

Elizabeth Vasquez

60 Highland Street # 2, Roxbury, MA

License # 9031995

Licensed for 6 since 2012

Sarah Peralta

138 A Blue Hill Avenue, Roxbury, MA

License # 9029747

Licensed for 6 since 2017

Eunice Silva

39 Devon Street #2, Dorchester, MA

License # 9032449

Licensed for 6 since 2018

Stacy Ann Taylor

58 Kensington Park, Roxbury, MA

License # 9032646

Licensed for 8 since 2001

Teresa Montanez

127 Crawford St, Dorchester, MA

License # 9024391

Licensed for 6 since 2006

Esmeralda Hall

70 W Walnut Park # 2, Roxbury, MA

License # 9033053

Licensed for 10 since 2006

Maria Querido

63 Bernard Street, Dorchester, MA

License # 9028376

Licensed for 8 since 2013

Rachel Sanchez

28 Balfour Street #3, Dorchester, MA

License # 9032899

Licensed for 6 since 2009

Laura Callender

10 Helen Street #1, Dorchester, MA

License # 9027759

Licensed for 6 since 2016

Celia Eason

5 Copeland Park, Roxbury, MA

License # 9032253

Licensed for 10 since 2003

Elsa Feliz-Guerrero

21 Woodward Ave # 1, Roxbury, MA

License # 9025171

Licensed for 10 since 2004

Evelyn Oviedo

41 Wales St, Dorchester, MA

License # 9025184

Licensed for 6 since 1990

Jeysi Villilo

20 Amory Avenue 1h, Roxbury, MA

License # 0000560

Licensed for 6 since 2018

Stephanie Daniels

9 Charlotte Street, Dorchester, MA

License # 9033529

Licensed for 8 since 2000

Blanca Lantigua

77 Alexander Street, Dorchester, MA

License # 9032453

Licensed for 4 since 2002

Mary Hyman

178 Humboldt Avenue, Dorchester, MA

License # 9032079

Licensed for 10 since 2003

Daisy Coto Zapata

150 Walnut Avenue #2, Roxbury, MA

License # 9033577

Licensed for 10 since 2009

Mairelys Villilo Sosa

1540 Columbus Avenue Apt. 303, Roxbury, MA

License # 9029561

Licensed for 6 since 2017

Angelly Gonzalez

27 Sonoma Street #5, Dorchester, MA

License # 9031110

Licensed for 8 since 2008

Xiomara Lorenzo

27 Sonoma Street #4, Dorchester, MA

License # 9031799

Licensed for 6 since 2002

Adrienne Armstrong

263 Highland Street, Roxbury, MA

License # 9031330

Licensed for 10 since 2011

Juana Alvarado

60 Lawrence Ave Apt 1, Dorchester, MA

License # 9025643

Licensed for 8 since 2001

Roquida Ramos

24 Wabon St #1, Dorcester, MA

License # 9031594

Licensed for 10 since 2014

Altagracia Rosado

40 Intervale Street # 2, Dorchester, MA

License # 9032287

Licensed for 10 since 1995

Arelis Navarro

121b Alexander St, Dorchester, MA

License # 9041982

Licensed for 8 since 2004

Rosario Feliz

224 Harold Street #7, Dorchester, MA

License # 0000820

Licensed for 8 since 2003

Patience Odiase

59 Oldfields Road, Dorchester, MA

License # 9031593

Licensed for 10 since 2014

Irene Sierra

37 Alexander Street, Dorchester, MA

License # 9029215

Licensed for 6 since 2002

Dorothy Sneed

10 Howland Street, Dorchester, MA

License # 9029914

Licensed for 6 since 1990

Jessenia Rodriguez

94 Normandy Street Apt 3, Dorchester, MA

License # 9041202

Licensed for 6 since 2019

Luisa Santiago

2020 Columbus Ave Apt 4, Roxbury, MA

License # 9053141

Licensed for 10 since 2010

Helen Lewis

153 Winthrop Street, Roxbury, MA

License # 0000312

Licensed for 6 since 1997

Jasmine Mays

97 Charlame Pl, Roxbury, MA

License # 9037808

Licensed for 6 since 2018

Santa Cepeda

42a Erie St, Dorchester, MA

License # 9027891

Licensed for 6 since 2010

Betty De La Cruz

111 Harrishof Street Apt 2, Dorchester, MA

License # 9046733

Licensed for 6 since 2019

Glenda Lara Lara

15 Pasedena Road, Dorchester, MA

License # 9046540

Licensed for 6 since 2019

Rosa Lora

36 Harlem St #2, Dorchester, MA

License # 9044630

Licensed for 3 since 2019

Clara Ortega

2962 WASHINGTON ST # 8, Roxbury, MA

License # 9046553

Licensed for 8 since 2007

Jessica Diaz

72 ALEXANDER ST, Dorchester, MA

License # 9046928

Licensed for 8 since 1998

Emely Pimentel

139 Washington Street Apt 1, Dorchester, MA

License # 9077950

Licensed for 6 since 2021

Angela Matthews

134 Warren Street, Apt #1, Boston, MA

License # 9088929

Licensed for 6 since 2021

Cesarina Calderon Guerrero

3 Randlett Place #2, Dorchester, MA

License # 9089501

Licensed for 10 since 2021

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