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Ms. LeShonda

Reggio Emilia Approach

I was an Early Childhood Educator working in a variety of daycare settings. I was also a nanny for 10+ years and is trained to work with children with Special Needs and Disabilities. I have taken many ECE courses including being apart of the of the NAEYC association. I have practiced the Creative Curriculum and also incorporated a lot of hands on learning with children. I am really big on social emotional development, having the child express his or her emotions clearly understanding his or her needs.


Ms. Linda

Play-Based Learning

Children should always be treated with love and care. In my home daycare, every child gets plenty of loving attention. My program is small enough for me to really be there for every child and to listen and offer patience and care to both them and their families. All of my daycare kids bring something special to our little group – themselves! Getting to know them and their caregivers as the days go by is very special, and our group becomes like a big family. We make so many wonderful memories during our time together.


Ms. Norma

Academic Prep

Children and parents love Ms. Norma’s daycare in Bridgeport for its small-scale, personal feel. Fully licensed by the state, her program focuses on infants and toddlers, and the mixed-age range helps children learn to socialize in a small group setting. Parents often prefer home daycare when looking for options that are closer to home, where they can develop a long-term relationship with the provider. Many come to see the provider as an extension of the family, leaning on them for advice on all sorts of parenting questions. Check out Ms. Norma’s full profile and take the survey to see if she is a good match for your family.


Ms. Angela

Arts & Music

There is nothing better than getting to watch a child grow up and knowing you had an impact on their life, no matter how small. Children really benefit from the quality time being spent with them at this stage in their development. After having my second child, I decided I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, and then I realized I wanted to give local families a chance to provide their kids with personalized care, too. It’s such a joy to provide a comfortable home away from home for these kids.

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There are 119 licensed home daycares in Bridgeport. Most parents don’t know that home daycare is regulated by the Office of Early Childhood, just like the big preschool centers.

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Other daycares near Bridgeport

All of these nearby daycares are licensed by the Office of Early Childhood. While they don’t work with NeighborSchools, you can visit the government website here to try to contact them directly.

Belinda Martinez

69 Gary St, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.56439

Licensed for 6

Belinda Martinez runs a licensed Family Child Care program in Bridgeport. As with all home daycares in Connecticut, her program is licensed by the Office of Early Childhood, which ensures that she has completed trainings in childhood development, health & safety. Home daycares like this are a great option for parents looking for small-scale, personalized child care.
Sheila Icart

95 Rose Street, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.53532

Licensed for 6

This home daycare in Bridgeport is led by Sheila Icart, a licensed Family Child Care educator. By choosing licensed child care, you can rest assured that the provider has passed a government-issued background record check, and that the home daycare environment has been inspected by the state licensing department. With a maximum of just 6 children, this program is a good option for parents close to home near Bridgeport.
Bonnie Susan Ryan

288 Dexter Drive, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.22826

Licensed for 6

Home daycares like Bonnie Susan Ryan’s are a favorite with parents who want a small-scale child care program near Bridgeport. All daycares on NeighborSchools are fully licensed, so you know they’ve passed a background record check and educators have completed trainings in childhood development, health & safety. This daycare takes just 6 children, so each child gets lots of individualized care while learning to socialize in a small group setting.
Kimberly Soto

917 Wood Ave, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.57190

Licensed for 6

Family child care provider Ms. Kimberly runs this daycare out of her home in Bridgeport, Connecticut. She is licensed by the state to care for up to 6 children, which means she has completed required trainings and continuing education hours. Family child care programs can be a great fit for parents that want their child to get lots of individualized care and attention.
Samia Suliman

481 Success Ave, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.56878

Licensed for 6

A small, local home daycare in nearby Bridgeport, Connecticut led by Ms. Samia. Many parents choose home daycares because the small group sizes can be great for infant and toddler development, and they are often more affordable than preschool centers. This child care program takes just 6 kids.
Marisa M Dos Santos

1268 Lindley St, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.50434

Licensed for 6

Parents looking for a small-scale child care often prefer home daycares, like this one with Ms. Marisa in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Better ratios, more flexible schedules, and lots of love for the little ones are the keys. Most daycares take a mix of ages, which helps with childhood development as infants learn from toddlers, and the preschoolers act as role models for the babies. And this daycare takes a maximum of 6 kids total!
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Even more home daycares in Bridgeport

You’d be surprised just how many small-scale child care programs there are in Bridgeport. to find options that work for you.

Isabel Illingworth

133 Bronx Ave, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.54177

Licensed for 6

Sandra Albino

24 Park Terrace, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.50985

Licensed for 6

Emily Mingia-Lewis

48 Livingston Pl, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.56680

Licensed for 6

Denny D Perez

404 Arctic St, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.56527

Licensed for 6

Marie A Peterkin

68 Gem Ave, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.56109

Licensed for 6

Saris Obanyoun

76 Lenox Ave, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.56799

Licensed for 6

Pamela Johnson

844 Lakeside Drive, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.52509

Licensed for 6

Omayra Muniz

54 Court D, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.57097

Licensed for 6

Charmaine S Mitchell

371 Remington St, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.56963

Licensed for 6

Elizabeth Lawal

77 Davis Ave, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.57225

Licensed for 6

Maria Chamorro

188 Scofield Ave, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.57293

Licensed for 6

Lely A Marte

59 Savoy St, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.55229

Licensed for 6

Yamilka Santana

280 Cleveland Ave, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.57182

Licensed for 6

Shannon D Figueroa

224 Harmony St, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.51081

Licensed for 6

Sonya Thompson

919 Capitol Avenue, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.55322

Licensed for 6

Joy Clarke

457 Vincelleytte Street, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.54577

Licensed for 6

Vivian Alvarez

568 Granfield Ave, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.56923

Licensed for 6

Rakisha Clark

290 Valley Ave, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.53315

Licensed for 6

Luz Cabrera-Dezapata

484 Saunders Ave, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.56686

Licensed for 6

Grace Cadeau

246 Vincellette St, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.57037

Licensed for 6

Martha Gonzalez

197 Roger Williams Road, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.55263

Licensed for 6

Kamara Moodie

45 Butler Ave, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.54248

Licensed for 6

Yrene Luna

36 Linda Dr, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.56981

Licensed for 6

Violeta Reyes

3075 Old Town Rd, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.54394

Licensed for 6

Harriet Shelby

97 Pilgrim RD, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.51492

Licensed for 6

Denise Chang

697 Maple St, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.55101

Licensed for 6

Mirlin Reyes

236 Huntington Tpke, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.57005

Licensed for 6

Karen Mahoney-Davis

91 Seltsam Rd, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.52745

Licensed for 6

Michealle Hunter

425 Pearl Harbor St, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.53271

Licensed for 6

Pauline Robinson-Brown

562 Ogden St, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.56800

Licensed for 6

Zoraida Perez

63 Butler Ave, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.52661

Licensed for 6

Yolanny Vargas

592 Gurdon St, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.54513

Licensed for 6

Narcisa V Galarza

162 Bronx Ave, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.46377

Licensed for 6

Ursula A Healy

59 Michael St, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.55564

Licensed for 6

Lovely Jamison Duckworth

446 Catherine St, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.57322

Licensed for 6

Marva Harrison

1668 Fairfield Ave, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.57241

Licensed for 6

Maria Cruz

62 Priscilla Cir, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.57120

Licensed for 6

Claribel Andujar

578 Beechmont Ave, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.52856

Licensed for 6

Kaiyana Banks

71 4th St, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.56446

Licensed for 6

Phouratsamy Phothisarath

26 Ohio Ave, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.56950

Licensed for 6

Jhocelyn Villa

708 Huntington Road, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.54580

Licensed for 6

Tiffany Spencer

180 Loftus Cir, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.56969

Licensed for 6

Reina Romero

220 Sunrise Terrace, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.56815

Licensed for 6

Norma Quintana

1965 Chopsey Hill Rd, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.55507

Licensed for 6

Merlisia Bennett

158 Wake St, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.54626

Licensed for 6

Esther Dixon

270 N Bishop Ave, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.52545

Licensed for 6

Lorie King

877 Seltsam Rd, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.25942

Licensed for 6

Shannette Bynum

128 Holly St, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.56192

Licensed for 6

Maria Guadron

110 Steuben St, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.56269

Licensed for 6

Blanca Sanchez

635 Merritt Street, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.53322

Licensed for 6

Beverley Ennis-Mitchell

176 Primrose Ave, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.53053

Licensed for 6

Debra James

751 Beechwood Avenue, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.54261

Licensed for 6

Neyda Rivera

289 West Liberty Street, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.53177

Licensed for 6

Julian Gordon

1666 Fairfield Ave, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.54995

Licensed for 6

Millicent R Henry

496 Hart Street, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.53132

Licensed for 6

Sonseeahray Fields

382B Brooks St, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.56407

Licensed for 6

Iris Valentin De Nunez

714 A Arctic St, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.57317

Licensed for 6

Natreala Pottinger

589 Beechwood Ave, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.56659

Licensed for 6

Yvonne Lufuluabo

103 James St, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.57020

Licensed for 6

Maria Hernandez

10 Division St, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.54043

Licensed for 6

Judy Gray

38 Stillman St, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.55414

Licensed for 6

Romane Spain

55 Calvert Pl, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.57137

Licensed for 6

Jackeline Canales

995 Sylvan Avenue, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.56744

Licensed for 6

Magdalene Gathers

175 Alsace ST, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.46282

Licensed for 6

Miriam Egea

155 Sherman St, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.56252

Licensed for 6

Stalita B Rembert

25 Asia Cir, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.56811

Licensed for 6

Katherine Lantigua

587 Park St, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.57117

Licensed for 6

Yashema Smith

1097 Iranistan Ave, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.57278

Licensed for 6

Nancy Newton

286 Orchard Street, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.16818

Licensed for 6

Latoya Pierce

217 Lewis St, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.57256

Licensed for 6

Ana Villeda

682 Beechwood Ave, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.48069

Licensed for 6

Juana Tejada

16 Livingston Pl, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.53161

Licensed for 6

Karina Plaza

431 Poplar St, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.56860

Licensed for 6

Sylvanus Gator

147 Beechmont Avenue, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.56646

Licensed for 6

Marguerite Clement-Jude

88 Union Ave, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.56912

Licensed for 6

Luisa Rojas

1100 Reservoir Ave, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.56699

Licensed for 6

Nene Andrada

135 Dekalb Ave, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.57249

Licensed for 6

Barbara Quarles

815 Norman St, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.53234

Licensed for 6

Rachel Lawrence

947 Pearl Harbor St, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.54254

Licensed for 6

Maria C Hunter

42 Taft Ave, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.57050

Licensed for 6

Marvin Gray

36 Stillman St, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.56029

Licensed for 6

Kelley Muir

1349 Pembroke St, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.57174

Licensed for 6

Quenette Pugh

126 Oakdale Street, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.33324

Licensed for 6

Eliza Aponte

1174 Fairfield Ave, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.57163

Licensed for 6

Herminia Silverio

788 Grand Street, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.50724

Licensed for 6

Debra Robison

105 Williamsburg Rd, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.21743

Licensed for 6

Ancella Robinson

1923 Park Ave, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.53628

Licensed for 6

Robin Younger

76 Berkeley Pl, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.56402

Licensed for 6

Dorressa Allison

329 Valley Ave, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.56268

Licensed for 6

Dieudonne Lamothe-Wong

2363 North Ave, Bridgeport, CT

License # DCFH.55511

Licensed for 6

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