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Janelle Mangiante on Work Like a Mother - By NeighborSchools

Making Every Minute Count: Finding Quality Time with a Family of 6

Every morning Janelle hops in her car and drives an hour to the hospital, where she manages a team of 150 essential workers. Every evening she drives an hour home, where she’s mom to 4 children and partner to an equally busy husband. If that routine sounds grueling, that’s not how Janelle would describe it.

Christina Samaha - Work Like a Mother - By NeighborSchools

Big Career Moves with New Little Ones

Returning from maternity leave looks different for everyone. Some feel ready, some feel pure dread, most of us feel something between exhaustion and delirium. But not many moms I know feel energized and ready to polish up the resume and pursue a fifth-trimester career move. But it seems to work for Christina, because she’s now done exactly that, twice. Each time she found a bigger opportunity that pushed her personally and professionally, and ultimately landed her her current role with Folia Health where she’s able to leverage her health-tech expertise for a mission that is near and dear to her heart. Christina reflects on her journey and the advice she shares with future moms.

Sarah DeHaan, owner of owen+sage, on Work Like a Mother

How Becoming a Mom Led Me to Become an Entrepreneur

Sarah loved retail and was rising through the ranks at Athleta until her first, Jackie, came along and made her start to question everything. She found herself feeling stuck. The career she loved just wasn’t allowing her to be the mom she so wanted to be. With the birth of Finley, her second, she was determined to find an alternative that would work for her and her family. Now the owner of owen + sage, a modern baby outfitter, Sarah shares how the pressure of corporate retail led her to become an entrepreneur and discover a career she can love again.

Work Like a Mother - NeighborSchools

There’s No Playbook for a Working Mama

This week, after a tough fourth trimester during covid-19 with my new son Brooks, I went back to work. At home. WFH and Zoom jokes aside, this is my second child, my second maternity leave, and my second time going back to work. The working moms in my network have been invaluable to me on this journey so now I want to share them, and their stories, with all of you – check out our big announcement at the end.