Where the best Providers find the best parents, and each other

Where the best Providers find the best parents, and each other

We ❤️ Family Child Care

Let’s just say it: good FCCs are simply the best.

The magical connection between a Provider and a child, the partnership between Provider and parents, the strength and longevity of these relationships – there’s nothing else like it.

But why don’t more people talk about this? Why do newspapers and government agencies focus all their attention on big corporate centers? Why do so many new parents not even know what FCC really is?

It’s time for all this to change. It’s time to share and celebrate the magic of FCC and help parents everywhere rediscover the reasons to love small-scale, home-based child care.

The Benefits of Community

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Share Your Expertise,
Learn From Others’

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Never Feel Alone

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Be Seen & Be Heard

Nap Time Zoom - Provider Community

This weekly conversation is a Provider favorite. Megan & Kassondra talk with Providers about what they’re seeing and feeling and bring in industry experts with perspectives on timely issues like health, safety, childhood development, and parent relationships – all during nap time. 

After nap time, the conversation continues in the private online community, where Providers share resources, talk about best practices, and the occasional child care joke.

The Platform for Providers

NeighborSchools is the only platform 100% designed for FCC Providers. 

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Find & Enroll the Right Families

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Save Time & Money

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Hands-on Support Team

Finding FCCs Online

75% of new parents start their child care search online, so we put FCCs front and center. Each Provider gets a customized  website and we work with Google to make sure that families find you first.

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There are thousands of families looking – but you just need the right one. MagicMatch perfectly matches the right parents to the specific openings you actually have. Too many infants, not enough toddlers? Not a problem.

World-Class Business Solutions

FCC Providers waste too much time on paperwork and tracking finances. Take advantage of world-class business tools tailored specifically to the realities of running a child care program out of your home.

“With NeighborSchools, I never need to ask parents if they remembered to bring me a check – instead we get to talk about what matters.”

Ms. Martha | Dedham, MA 

Full-Service "Launch" Program

Experienced early-childhood professionals can apply to join our “FCC Launch Program” to receive full-service help to get set-up the right way and quickly enroll families. Hundreds of Providers have successfully launched FCCs in as little as 3 months (60% faster than average). 

We literally wrote the book on how to open a FCC –
you can get a copy, right here.

What Providers are Saying

Child Care during Covid-19

PPE & Cleaning Supplies

We teamed up with WB Mason to make sure that every Provider has on-demand access the supplies and materials they need to keep everyone safe, at rates they can afford.  If you haven’t already, licensed Providers can take advantage of the program, here.

PPE Discounts for FCC Providers

Navigating Business Supports

We untangle the acronyms so Providers can understand how to take advantage of various forms of financial assistance available in response to Covid-19 and any closures in their business.  PPP, PUA, FPLA, etc., we speak that language.

Reopening to a New Reality

We help Providers plan and put in place new health & safety guidelines that meet or exceed state requirements to keep everyone safe. Whether it’s setting up virtual tours, touchless drop-offs, and new ideas for physical-distancing, Providers have the support and guidance they need to thrive.

Why NeighborSchools Works

The Right Families

We partner with major employers, like Boston Children’s Hospital, whose employees value quality FCC

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Easy Enrollments

MagicMatch makes the introductions, and our matchmakers coordinates tours and follow-ups. From there it’s just one-click to send a contract & receive payments.

Personal Touch

Each Provider deserves a supportive network, and the NeighborSchools Provider Success team is world-class and 100% focused on helping FCCs thrive.

Newsworthy FCC Providers

The world is waking up to the benefits of FCC. NeighborSchools Providers have received national coverage as child care experts. These articles help more parents, employers, and policy-makers understand and value the benefits of FCC.

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Ready to join the FCC Community?