Supporting Working-Parents Through Covid-19

Supporting Working Parents Through Covid-19

Working & Parenting: Struggling at Both

Working parents are struggling due to covid-19 - HR Leaders
Working parents are are risk of burnout due to covid-19 - HR Leaders
“When you do the homework, you see that every study that has ever been done on this points to healthier children, healthier parents, better relationships between parents and children, better gender parity on pay, better gender parity in opportunity, more women in management.”
Dean Carter - HR Leader at Patagonia - Child Care Benefits
Dean Carter
HR Leader | Patagonia

Why Home Daycare Works

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Full-time, small-scale child care

Dependable schedules

Fully-present at work

Prevent Burnout & Attrition

Unlock Performance & Results

Our goals for 2020 are really aggressive, and I need to be fully present for my team and my directs. I simply couldn’t do that without child care.
Child Care Benefits for Working Parents
Bridget Garsh
COO & Co-Founder - NeighborSchools

Unique Benefits for Unprecedented Times

Support for Working Parents

Home Daycare Advantages

  • Licensed Providers
  • Smallest Groups
  • 40% Savings


High-Tech + Human Touch

  • “MagicMatch” tech-enabled matching
  • Dedicated Matchmaker


Big-picture Supports 

  • Invite-only workshops & discussions
  • Reserved spot in Early Access Program
  • Waived fees for tours & early access


Children's Hospital Boston - Child Care Search Portal

Program for HR Leaders

Employer Recognition

  • Employer-branded child care search portal
  • Customized Go-Live & manager trainings
  • inter-office mentorship program


360º Reporting

  • Utilization & satisfaction assessments 
  • Employee outcomes & impacts 


Big-picture Supports 

  • Invite-only workshops & discussions
  • Reserved spot in Early Access Program
  • Waived fees for tours & early access


Thought Leadership for HR Leadership

Erika Veduccio is an Account Executive on our Sales team. She’s based in Southern California. Let’s to get know her! Our mission is to make childcare better for everyone. What does our mission mean to you? Everything. From matching families with child care providers to supporting providers make their dreams

Affordable Child Care Benefits for HR

This is the third post in our series for HR leaders about how to help working-parents find child care during Covid-19. So far we’ve discussed why work-from-home and pandemic-parenting don’t mix, when and where your employees actually need child care, and we touched on the importance of affordability. Today we’re

Child Care Benefits for Startups - Covid-19

If you’re leading PeopleOps / HR at a growth-stage startup, there’s a good chance that:  you’re basically building everything from scratch, because you’re the first in the job your average age is under 30, and previous perks catered to the masses (read: free beer, pizza Fridays, etc.) you’ve been tasked

Driving Value Across the Organization

Org-Wide Impact & Results

1.  Child Care is Parents #1

  • When smaller is better, Home Daycare is best
  • Quality, full-time solution is key to productivity 
  • Peace of mind is critical to focus at work


2. Invest in Gender Equity

  • Working-moms 4-5X more burdened by Covid
  • Millennial moms are key to DNI targets 


3. Retention & Resuls

  • Risk of burnout can’t be ignored 
  • Entire org is looking to HR for new solutions 
  • Attention, innovation, and collaboration is key to performance and revenue during downturn


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