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Ms. Beth

Peachtree Playschool

Licensed home daycare
Fitchburg, MA
8am–5:30pm, M - F

Providing unique care to each unique child

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Each daycare has its own approach and specialties based on the provider’s expertise. Take the survey to see daycares that match your preferences and work best for you.Each daycare has its own approach & specialties. Take the survey to see 3 good matches for you.

A Few Favorite Activities

Activities are designed to help children develop social, emotional and cognitive skills as they sing, dance, play, and learn in a small group setting.

Sensory play
Gross motor skills development
Fine motor skills development
Circle time
Arts & crafts
Outdoor play

Activities are designed to help children develop social, emotional and cognitive skills as they sing, dance, play, and learn in a small group setting.

Each program is led by a licensed child care professional. While they each have their own expertise and approach, they all share a genuine love for educating and helping young children grow & thrive. Being licensed also means they have done a series of state-required trainings and they’ve passed a government background check.

About the Provider

Licensed Family Child Care Educator
License #9047440

Licensing Requirements
  • Background record checked

    Government-level CORI, SORI, and fingerprinting

  • Home inspected for child safety

    Thorough assessment by a licensor from the EEC

  • Health & safety training

    Includes annual professional development hours

Each program is led by a licensed child care professional. While they each have their own expertise and approach, they all share a genuine love for educating and helping young children grow & thrive. Being licensed also means they have done a series of state-required trainings and they’ve passed a government background check.

Q&A with Ms. Beth

Tell us about your experience working with young children?

Hello, Families! Thank you for taking the time to learn about Peachtree Playschool! I'm Beth, and I come from a background including 14 years experience as a group child care provider, ultimately serving as a program director, and 6 years as an Early Intervention Developmental Specialist. Working with children has always been my favorite way to spend my time. I believe that when you run a child care program, you become an extension of the family. I know it can be hard to leave your child each day, but through my program, I hope parents will see that their children are not only well cared for, but they are also learning and growing with their friends.

What are the key areas of focus at your daycare?

“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning,” Mr. Rogers said. “But for children, play is serious learning.” As a provider of family child care, I hope to build a play-based program around the children I am caring for each day based off of their interests and abilities. Parents can expect to see a variety of activities in all areas of development happening each day including self-help skills, social interactions, expressive and receptive language skills, sensory experiences, motor development, and cognitive skills. Children learn new skills by exploration and building off of the skills they already have in place. I will encourage families to set specific goals and outcomes for each child to achieve, and I will support both parents and children in their path to success.

Can you tell us a bit about your home environment?

The environment at Peachtree Playschool is a "YES" space, as we say in the biz! Children will be encouraged to explore objects, toys, or materials freely during the day. Independence will always be encouraged which is why parents will not see any type of containment (i.e. exersaucers, swings, walkers) or segregated play areas in my home unless safety requires it. I have created a classroom space and several play centers throughout the main rooms of my home to promote opportunities for the children to discover and practice their skills. Activities will be both teacher-led and child-led throughout the day. Our large, grass-covered yard provides ample room for building motor skills as well as imaginative and sensory experiences. I plan to spend as much time as possible outside! If the weather doesn't permit outdoor play, I have a large three season porch set up to foster motor skills and get those sillies out!

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Teaching is not about answering questions but about raising questions – opening doors for them in places that they could not imagine.

~ Yawar Baig

Reviews & References

Here’s the inside scoop from other parents that have worked with Ms. Beth.


I met Beth when my son was 18 months old and she was such a crucial part of his development, I don't know what I would have done without her! My son suffered from a speech delay that contributed to communication issues at home. Beth was so helpful in the hour she spent at my home each week. She always shared ways in which I could improve and even created a communication board to help my son express himself. I was always fascinated with the way that she was able to get on my son's level and help him come out of his shell. More than anything, Beth taught me how to work towards goals with my son without pushing him too hard. I was so sad when my son aged out of her program and I would recommend Beth to anyone looking for the highest quality of care!


Beth came into my home to work with my son as he had trouble with some developmental delays and I'm so grateful for her help. As a parent, it can be difficult to see your child struggle and not know how best to address their needs. Beth involved me in the conversation from day one, and always shared helpful tools and strategies to engage my son in developmental learning. She makes such a lasting impression on the families she works with; my son continues to call her "Bubbles", a reference to the bubbles she would always bring to playtime. Beth is fantastic, she truly cares about each child in her care and I learned so much from her!


Beth is amazing! To say my husband and I were nervous to leave our son with someone other than family was an understatement! Beth made the transition easy with updates through the day, pictures of activities, and a report at the end of everything we needed to know, including what our son found amusing or interesting that day. I am so glad we found her, I can’t imagine sending him to anyone else!!


Beth worked for me at a childcare center for a few years. She was honest, hardworking and dedicated. We always strive to find teachers that truly love children and that was Beth. Everything she did was for the kids. I'm so proud of her that she took this step in her career and I know she will excel.

Rates & Openings

Daycare rates depend on how old your child will be and what your schedule looks like. 5 days / week might get a slight discount, and infant rates are usually more than toddlers’. Finding a spot also depends on age and schedule because each daycare has a limited number of openings for each age range.

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Ms. Beth’s NeighborSchool252 Milk Street Fitchburg, MA 01420(978) 906-0481(978) 906-0481

There are 3 home daycares in Fitchburg. Most care for 6 to 10 children and take both infants and toddlers. All home daycares are licensed by the Department of Early Education and Care, just like preschool centers.

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