Keeping Our Community Safe during Covid-19

The health and safety of our children, families, and Providers is always our top priority. Throughout Covid-19 we have been in close communication with state officials at the child care licensing agencies, public health officials, pediatric epidemiologists, and our entire community. 

Following a three-month shut down, NeighborSchools programs began reopening at the beginning of July. One advantage of home daycare is that our programs are small – between 6 and 10 children in total – so with a rigorous new set of health and safety measures, we have not had to reduce the number of families that can attend on any given day. 

We have worked extensively with our Providers to help them meet or exceed rigorous new health & safety guidelines, including documenting their plans to the State, and a new daily check for symptoms and potential exposure among children and their family members. 

Below are a few of the resources we have created to support our Providers. If you have any questions about the specific health and safety measures currently in place to keep everyone safe, please contact us and we’d be happy to discuss. 

Health & Safety Measures

WB Mason + NeighborSchools - Child Care Covid-19

Teamed up with WB Mason to make sure that Providers have on-demand access to PPE & cleaning supplies at discounted rates.

New health & safety protocols including strict cleaning schedules, touchless drop-offs & pick-ups, and social distanced activities, meal-times, and napping protocols.

NeighborSchools - Provider with Children

Keeping it small. Many states have required corporate child care centers to reduce their numbers. We didn’t have that problem because most of our daycares are just six children to begin with.

More Resources for Providers

PPE Discounts for FCC Providers

PPE Discounts for FCC Providers

We’re partnering with W.B. Mason to give all family child care Providers an exclusive discount on the PPE and supplies they need to reopen.

Family Child Care Providers looking for guidance on how to reopen safely can request more information here