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When smaller is better, home daycare is the best. Find great options for infants & toddlers near you.


Ms. Morgan

Infant Care

A small-scale daycare in Jeannette, Ms. Morgan provides care for just 6 children at a time. As with all home daycares, her program is licensed by the state and she’s completed training in childhood ages & stages, medication administration, and food safety. In this mixed-age group program, children get the socialization, stimulation and support they need to learn and grow. Parents are often surprised to discover home daycares like Ms. Morgan right in the neighborhood. See more details and take the survey to see if she has an opening for your little one.


Ms. Sashawn

Infant Care

Ms. Sashawn’s home daycare in Pittsburgh caters to infants and toddlers, ages 6 months–6 years. As with every Pennsylvania daycare on NeighborSchools, her program is licensed by the Department of Human Services. That way you know providers have completed a 3-part background record check, and that their home environments have passed a detailed health and safety inspection. Ms. Sashawn’s daycare is a great option for parents that want that small-scale, personal feeling with a daycare provider you can develop a real relationship with. Take the survey to see if she has a spot that works for you or check out the full profile for more details.


Ms. Terrie-Ann

Infant Care

Children and parents love Ms. Terrie-Ann’s daycare in Pittsburgh for its small-scale, personal feel. Fully licensed by the state, her program focuses on infants and toddlers, and the mixed-age range helps children learn to socialize in a small group setting. Parents often prefer home daycare when looking for options that are closer to home, where they can develop a long-term relationship with the provider. Many come to see the provider as an extension of the family, leaning on them for advice on all sorts of parenting questions. Check out Ms. Terrie-Ann’s full profile and take the survey to see if she is a good match for your family.


Ms. Shante

Great Outdoor Space

Some people just know what they want to do from a young age, and I’m definitely one of them. My very first job was working as a teacher in a daycare center and opening my own home daycare is something I have wanted to do ever since! The best part of my job is that I get the opportunity to create a safe environment where kids can learn and have fun every day. Contributing to my community in such a special way is so special.

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Most parents don’t know that home daycare is regulated by the Dept. of Human Services - Child Care, just like the big preschool centers.

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Other daycares near Aurora

All of these nearby daycares are licensed by the Dept. of Human Services - Child Care. While they don’t work with NeighborSchools, you can visit the government website here to try to contact them directly.

Effendi, Rubina S

2251 Vicksburg Ct, Aurora, IL

License # 520074

Licensed for 8

EFFENDI, RUBINA S runs a licensed Family Child Care program in Aurora. As with all home daycares in Illinois, her program is licensed by the Dept. of Human Services - Child Care, which ensures that she has completed trainings in childhood development, health & safety. Home daycares like this are a great option for parents looking for small-scale, personalized child care.
Peterson, Barbara L

2402 Baldwin Ct, Aurora, IL

License # 520954

Licensed for 8

This home daycare in Aurora is led by PETERSON, BARBARA L, a licensed Family Child Care educator. By choosing licensed child care, you can rest assured that the provider has passed a government-issued background record check, and that the home daycare environment has been inspected by the state licensing department. With a maximum of just 8 children, this program is a good option for parents close to home near Aurora.
Johnson, Jeanette I

1946 Ione Ln, Aurora, IL

License # 510679

Licensed for 12

Home daycares like JOHNSON, JEANETTE I’s are a favorite with parents who want a small-scale child care program near Aurora. All daycares on NeighborSchools are fully licensed, so you know they’ve passed a background record check and educators have completed trainings in childhood development, health & safety. This daycare takes just 12 children, so each child gets lots of individualized care while learning to socialize in a small group setting.
Benbow, Anita M

2580 Shenandoah Ct, Aurora, IL

License # 502542

Licensed for 8

Family child care provider Ms. BENBOW, runs this daycare out of her home in Aurora, Illinois. She is licensed by the state to care for up to 8 children, which means she has completed required trainings and continuing education hours. Family child care programs can be a great fit for parents that want their child to get lots of individualized care and attention.
Schopler, Jennifer I

1960 Ione Ln, Aurora, IL

License # 499543

Licensed for 8

A small, local home daycare in nearby Aurora, Illinois led by Ms. SCHOPLER,. Many parents choose home daycares because the small group sizes can be great for infant and toddler development, and they are often more affordable than preschool centers. This child care program takes just 8 kids.
Ross, Deatrice M

2560 Biltmore Cir, Aurora, IL

License # 498275

Licensed for 12

Parents looking for a small-scale child care often prefer home daycares, like this one with Ms. ROSS, in Aurora, Illinois. Better ratios, more flexible schedules, and lots of love for the little ones are the keys. Most daycares take a mix of ages, which helps with childhood development as infants learn from toddlers, and the preschoolers act as role models for the babies. And this daycare takes a maximum of 12 kids total!
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Even more home daycares in Aurora

You’d be surprised just how many small-scale child care programs there are in Aurora. to find options that work for you.

Lopez, Concepcion

740 Superior St, Aurora, IL

License # 538422

Licensed for 12

Cortes, Maria M

175 S 4th St, Aurora, IL

License # 542072

Licensed for 12

Vega Armenta, Rubicela

345 S Broadway, Aurora, IL

License # 577418

Licensed for 8

Cervantes, Yesenia

835 N Ohio St, Aurora, IL

License # 582136

Licensed for 12

Cervantes, Adan And Maria C

1140 High St, Aurora, IL

License # 583921

Licensed for 12

Diaz, Virginia

446 Marion Ave, Aurora, IL

License # 586208

Licensed for 8

Bautista, Catalina

519 Alyce Ln, Aurora, IL

License # 598313

Licensed for 12

Barraza, Olga

835 N Ohio St, Aurora, IL

License # 599696

Licensed for 12

Tovar, Rocio

304 E Illinois Ave, Aurora, IL

License # 600678

Licensed for 12

Ornelas, Martha

804 Morningside Ave, Aurora, IL

License # 601658

Licensed for 12

Ingram, Ginger M

822 Hinman St, Aurora, IL

License # 502397

Licensed for 12

Guzman, Eva

1425 Grandview Dr, Aurora, IL

License # 500749

Licensed for 12

Guillen, Rosa

405 E Benton St, Aurora, IL

License # 489306

Licensed for 8

Rojo, Irma

572 Trask St, Aurora, IL

License # 527414

Licensed for 12

Mcallister, Gale A

1005 Legrande Ave, Aurora, IL

License # 526301

Licensed for 12

Howard, Rosie L

1277 Oakleaf Ct, Aurora, IL

License # 382914

Licensed for 8

Crisler, Linda A

339 California Ave, Aurora, IL

License # 339825

Licensed for 8

Zatarain, Corina M

917 Gleason Ave, Aurora, IL

License # 550217

Licensed for 8

Amaya Ramirez, Paulette R

16 Central Ave, Aurora, IL

License # 550749

Licensed for 12

Corral, Sonia

521 N Glenwood Pl, Aurora, IL

License # 566954

Licensed for 12

Baeza-Grado, Rosalina

542 Westgate Dr, Aurora, IL

License # 587696

Licensed for 8

Cano, Cristina

530 N May St, Aurora, IL

License # 594719

Licensed for 12

Jones, Lamon

1267 Deerpath Cir, Aurora, IL

License # 595019

Licensed for 8

Villasenor, Norma A

226 3rd St, Aurora, IL

License # 597931

Licensed for 12

Lozano, Rosalia

835 Huntington Dr, Aurora, IL

License # 605558

Licensed for 12

Cervantes, Marcelina

449 Plum St, Aurora, IL

License # 475001

Licensed for 12

Olmedo, Hazel M

352 W Park Ave, Aurora, IL

License # 469759

Licensed for 12

Ramirez, Maria

752 Cypress Dr, Aurora, IL

License # 503460

Licensed for 12

Childress, Pamela M

1040 N Commonwealth Ave, Aurora, IL

License # 285268

Licensed for 12

Lee, Yolanda J

2161 Sandburg Dr, Aurora, IL

License # 437416

Licensed for 12

Edwards, Rochelle L

2285 Hudson Cir, Aurora, IL

License # 454434

Licensed for 8

Gonzalez, Raquel K

2960 Juniper Ct, Aurora, IL

License # 455895

Licensed for 8

Prairie View Montessori

2624 Ginger Woods Pkwy, Aurora, IL

License # 440917

Licensed for 12

Beltz, Brenda F

110 N Forestview Ln, Aurora, IL

License # 511860

Licensed for 8

Lopez, Joana A

1125 Long Grove Dr, Aurora, IL

License # 532848

Licensed for 12

Warren, Antoinettn

4041 Boulder Ct, Aurora, IL

License # 554609

Licensed for 12

Warfield, Jessica N

3800 E New York St Apt 218, Aurora, IL

License # 559346

Licensed for 8

Joshi, Rekha

3203 Bremerton Ln, Aurora, IL

License # 560206

Licensed for 8

Kennedy, Dominique

975 Serendipity Dr, Aurora, IL

License # 584294

Licensed for 8

Milton, Aquilla

320 Peppertree Ln, Aurora, IL

License # 608270

Licensed for 8

Payton-Ezeh, Teasa C

1730 Candlelight Ln, Aurora, IL

License # 423343

Licensed for 8

Khan, Aneesa N

1155 Shoreline Dr, Aurora, IL

License # 475112

Licensed for 12

Dandridge, Michelle T

4090 Boulder Ct, Aurora, IL

License # 497964

Licensed for 8

Rutka, Diane C

1642 Kautz Rd, Aurora, IL

License # 415459

Licensed for 8

Hart, Becky A

1022 Symphony Dr, Aurora, IL

License # 524892

Licensed for 12

Enriquez, Carmendina

804 Gates St, Aurora, IL

License # 578149

Licensed for 12

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Nope. Our daycare recommendation service is free for parents. The other half of our business is helping these small-scale daycares with software and services that handle all their administrative tasks, like online contracting, payment processing, and licensing requirements. Before NeighborSchools, services like these were only designed for large corporate child care centers, and part of our mission is to level the playing field for small, independent child care programs. That’s why we picked the name NeighborSchools - we’re all about making child care more personal, more human, and more equitable for the incredible individuals who do this work and care for our children.

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