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Ms. Brandi

Faith Based Program

There is no limit to what young children can accomplish when they are properly nurtured. There is no greater joy than watching a child discover something for the first time—that moment when something clicks for them. Kids have so much natural curiosity and hope, and each child deserves to have a safe place they can thrive in and a trusted person to turn to in times of need. As a mother and a nurse, I have had a lifelong passion for caregiving. Working with kids has always had a special place in my heart. After having my youngest child, I realized how wonderful it would be to spend more quality time at home with them. This program was borne out of a desire to help others have this same special attention. Individualized education makes all the difference and can really jumpstart a child’s love of learning. At this program, the children will have the benefit of being looked after by an experienced nurse and a mother passionate about early childhood education.


Ms. Morgan

Infant Care

A small-scale daycare in Jeannette, Ms. Morgan provides care for just 6 children at a time. As with all home daycares, her program is licensed by the state and she’s completed training in childhood ages & stages, medication administration, and food safety. In this mixed-age group program, children get the socialization, stimulation and support they need to learn and grow. Parents are often surprised to discover home daycares like Ms. Morgan right in the neighborhood. See more details and take the survey to see if she has an opening for your little one.


Ms. Antonia

Infant Care

Ms. Antonia’s home daycare in Buffalo caters to infants and toddlers, ages 3 months–6 years. As with every New York daycare on NeighborSchools, her program is licensed by the Office of Children and Family Services. That way you know providers have completed a 3-part background record check, and that their home environments have passed a detailed health and safety inspection. Ms. Antonia’s daycare is a great option for parents that want that small-scale, personal feeling with a daycare provider you can develop a real relationship with. Take the survey to see if she has a spot that works for you or check out the full profile for more details.


Ms. Fathima

Small Class Sizes

My love for children started with my own. As a mom of five, I spent over 20 years caring for children – and learning from them in the process. Just from my own children, I’ve learned the importance of how a comfortable and welcoming space can make a child prosper. Once they feel comfortable in their space, children feel free to express and explore who they are. I take the same loving approach to each child who walks through my door. Here you will be cared for and here you will grow.

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Most parents don’t know that home daycare is regulated by the Department of Early Care and Learning, just like the big preschool centers.

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Other daycares near Georgia

All of these nearby daycares are licensed by the Department of Early Care and Learning. While they don’t work with NeighborSchools, you can visit the government website here to try to contact them directly.

Lisa Anderson

937 Brannen Road, Statesboro, GA

License # FR-9900107435

Licensed for 6

Lisa Anderson runs a licensed Family Child Care program in Statesboro. As with all home daycares in Georgia, her program is licensed by the Department of Early Care and Learning, which ensures that she has completed trainings in childhood development, health & safety. Home daycares like this are a great option for parents looking for small-scale, personalized child care.
Brenda Cofield

2719 BARRETT ROAD, Gainesville, GA

License # FR-000004003

Licensed for 6

This home daycare in Gainesville is led by Brenda Cofield, a licensed Family Child Care educator. By choosing licensed child care, you can rest assured that the provider has passed a government-issued background record check, and that the home daycare environment has been inspected by the state licensing department. With a maximum of just 6 children, this program is a good option for parents close to home near Gainesville.
Paquita Few

1434 Floyd Circle, Gainesville, GA

License # FR-000012033

Licensed for 6

Home daycares like Paquita Few’s are a favorite with parents who want a small-scale child care program near Gainesville. All daycares on NeighborSchools are fully licensed, so you know they’ve passed a background record check and educators have completed trainings in childhood development, health & safety. This daycare takes just 6 children, so each child gets lots of individualized care while learning to socialize in a small group setting.
Mildred Brown

400 DOMINIQUE COURT, Fayetteville, GA

License # FR-000002088

Licensed for 6

Family child care provider Ms. Mildred runs this daycare out of her home in Fayetteville, Georgia. She is licensed by the state to care for up to 6 children, which means she has completed required trainings and continuing education hours. Family child care programs can be a great fit for parents that want their child to get lots of individualized care and attention.
Lenora Respert

855 WAGON WHEEL CIRCLE, Fayetteville, GA

License # FR-000011106

Licensed for 6

A small, local home daycare in nearby Fayetteville, Georgia led by Ms. Lenora. Many parents choose home daycares because the small group sizes can be great for infant and toddler development, and they are often more affordable than preschool centers. This child care program takes just 6 kids.
Margaret Brathwaite


License # FR-23465

Licensed for 6

Parents looking for a small-scale child care often prefer home daycares, like this one with Ms. Margaret in Conyers, Georgia. Better ratios, more flexible schedules, and lots of love for the little ones are the keys. Most daycares take a mix of ages, which helps with childhood development as infants learn from toddlers, and the preschoolers act as role models for the babies. And this daycare takes a maximum of 6 kids total!
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Even more home daycares in Georgia

You’d be surprised just how many small-scale child care programs there are in Georgia. to find options that work for you.

Jenny Yallery-Conner

215 Blackberry Run, Fayetteville, GA

License # FR-53349

Licensed for 6

Shilene Moultrie-Johnson

190 Eli Run, Fayetteville, GA

License # FR-46801

Licensed for 6

Cherese Thomas

992 HARDIN STREET, Conyers, GA

License # FR-000012115

Licensed for 6

Tasha Banks

10605 COLONY GLEN DRIVE, Alpharetta, GA

License # FR-000006600

Licensed for 6

Dayana Cross

10995 Spotted Pony Trail, Alpharetta, GA

License # FR-000011852

Licensed for 6

Asima Khawaja

1852 BROCKTON GLEN, Atlanta, GA

License # FR-26027

Licensed for 6

Bernadette Dor

2010 Indian Ridge Court, Alpharetta, GA

License # FR-32933

Licensed for 6

Bella Grinberg

9990 Carrington Lane, Alpharetta, GA

License # FR-48161

Licensed for 6

Connie Gula

10285 Twingate Drive, Johns Creek, GA

License # FR-35511

Licensed for 6

Clare Spratt

9610 Knollcrest Boulevard, Alpharetta, GA

License # FR-39589

Licensed for 6

Beverly Moody


License # FR-000008525

Licensed for 6

Stacy Stanfield

4755 HWY 169, Glennville, GA

License # FR-30570

Licensed for 6

Barbara Butler

557 Ventura Drive, Forest Park, GA

License # FR-000006463

Licensed for 6

Astride Versteeg

180 COLONY RUN, Alpharetta, GA

License # FR-22373

Licensed for 6

Anika Webber

4965 Cinnabar Dr, Johns Creek, GA

License # FR-52257

Licensed for 6

Kenyatta Daughtry

4 Wendy Lane, Swainsboro, GA

License # FR-36042

Licensed for 6

Shalinda Smith

717 North Coleman Street, Swainsboro, GA

License # FR-48828

Licensed for 6

LaSandra Peeples

230 Advantage Lane, Swainsboro, GA

License # FR-55114

Licensed for 6

Shirley Rakestraw

35 WINDSOR WAY, Oxford, GA

License # FR-000011496

Licensed for 6

Veronica Brown

638 Saddle Ridge Drive, Bethlehem, GA

License # FR-38419

Licensed for 6

Alides Aleman Navarro

227 Wheeler Place, Dawsonville, GA

License # FR-55004

Licensed for 6

Vanessa McBrayer

3763 Kelly Bridge Road, Dawsonville, GA

License # FR-53285

Licensed for 6

Sabrina Needy

962 Goodson Road, Dawsonville, GA

License # FR-50267

Licensed for 6

Melissa Boddie

6020 Avenue of Redwoods, Atlanta, GA

License # FR-55016

Licensed for 6

Gail Brown

5550 HUNTERS FOREST LANE, College Park, GA

License # FR-000004260

Licensed for 6

La-Shaunda Bullard

3334 SEQUOIA AVENUE, Atlanta, GA

License # FR-17065

Licensed for 6

Kimberly Byrd

4595 Will Lee Place, College Park, GA

License # FR-37065

Licensed for 6

Valentina Bailey

3800 Wynnwood Drive, Macon, GA

License # FR-22249

Licensed for 6

Cathy Battle


License # FR-18169

Licensed for 6

Dianne Coggins

2730 FOXLAIR TRAIL, College Park, GA

License # FR-28451

Licensed for 6

Buffie Dunn


License # FR-24555

Licensed for 6

Lander Harper

2453 Shea Drive, Macon, GA

License # FR-53572

Licensed for 6

Josset Hicks

1282 Hartley Street, Macon, GA

License # FR-54279

Licensed for 6

Theresa Denham

3360 Arbor Run Place, Atlanta, GA

License # FR-54165

Licensed for 6

Deandra Denton

5737 ANTELOPE TRAIL, College Park, GA

License # FR-17134

Licensed for 6

Gay Dillard

2940 Old Farm Road, College Park, GA

License # FR-54915

Licensed for 6

Sherry Drake

3850 WILL LEE ROAD, College Park, GA

License # FR-000014435

Licensed for 6

Yolanda James

221 Alview Drive, Macon, GA

License # FR-49312

Licensed for 6

Felicia Felton

2355 SURREY TRAIL, College Park, GA

License # FR-000006584

Licensed for 6

Kenya Hawkins

5704 Harrier Lane, Atlanta, GA

License # FR-37895

Licensed for 6

Andrea Lee


License # FR-22829

Licensed for 6

Vanessa Hutchins

215 SPRINGTREE COURT, College Park, GA

License # FR-0000601609

Licensed for 6

Jennifer Isom

2970 Creel Road, College Park, GA

License # FR-9900102825

Licensed for 6

Diane Johnson

5325 FOREST DOWNS CIRCLE, College Park, GA

License # FR-24816

Licensed for 6

Orrie Johnson

5785 ROCK SHOALS WAY, College Park, GA

License # FR-22532

Licensed for 6

Detra Maynard

2464 ROSEN AVENUE, Macon, GA

License # FR-000005861

Licensed for 6

Barbara Jones

6570 GREENBOWER LANE, College Park, GA

License # FR-0000601226

Licensed for 6

Natasha Price

4730 Towanda Circle, College Park, GA

License # FR-49708

Licensed for 6

Jerry Perkins

2756 Village Green Drive, Macon, GA

License # FR-32529

Licensed for 6

Delores Lamar

2840 MIDDLEBURG DRIVE, College Park, GA

License # FR-000004586

Licensed for 6

Necol Smith

1330 LAKEVIEW CIR, Macon, GA

License # FR-000015025

Licensed for 6

Ammer Spry


License # FR-000003199

Licensed for 6

Desire Lollar

5668 Pine Gate Drive, Atlanta, GA

License # FR-53318

Licensed for 6

Larisha Oglesby

3426 Sable Chase Lane, Atlanta, GA

License # FR-38209

Licensed for 6

Jerica Stallings

690 Escalade Drive, Atlanta, GA

License # FR-49968

Licensed for 6

Yolanda Robinson

6513 SNOWDEN DRIVE, College Park, GA

License # FR-24871

Licensed for 6

Patricia Rosser

2719 JEROME ROAD, College Park, GA

License # FR-000011313

Licensed for 6

Romona Scott-Carter

3244 BLACKWOOD LANE, College Park, GA

License # FR-14867

Licensed for 6

Cherrie Beasley

6310 KOWETA ROAD, Fairburn, GA

License # FR-15012

Licensed for 6

Ione Dailey-Hazel

462 Pecan Wood Circle, Fairburn, GA

License # FR-36849

Licensed for 6

Tiffini Nicole Heilig

6085 Redtop Loop, Fairburn, GA

License # FR-48320

Licensed for 6

Tojuana Simmons

2783 High Tide Drive, College Park, GA

License # FR-26256

Licensed for 6

Chrisangela Smith-Andrews

2690 ASHLEY DOWNS LANE, College Park, GA

License # FR-000004914

Licensed for 6

Khayriyyah Suluki

207 Creel Way, Atlanta, GA

License # FR-52064

Licensed for 6

Cassandra Taylor

5137 Jones Circle, College Park, GA

License # FR-9900108040

Licensed for 6

Debrah Mc Naughton

3150 WHITE TAIL LANE, Fairburn, GA

License # FR-26589

Licensed for 6

Juaquita Williams

6639 OVERLOOK RIDGE, College Park, GA

License # FR-23502

Licensed for 6

Stella Wilson

6130 Jones Road, Atlanta, GA

License # FR-52769

Licensed for 6

Tiffany Givens

3705 POINTE CIRCLE, Fairburn, GA

License # FR-26203

Licensed for 6

Theresa Simmons

3415 LEISURE LANE, College Park, GA

License # FR-000006706

Licensed for 6

Pamela Bass-Patterson

5682 GREEN SAGE DRIVE, College Park, GA

License # FR-25131

Licensed for 6

Shelia Mcclendon

2160 Knighton Drive, College Park, GA

License # FR-0000601652

Licensed for 6

Jonneise Patterson-Epps

5285 Westford Circle, College Park, GA

License # FR-39890

Licensed for 6

Deserray Petitt

5660 Grande River Road, Atlanta, GA

License # FR-52820

Licensed for 6

Dana Pierce

8227 Milam Loop, Fairburn, GA

License # FR-46857

Licensed for 6

Adella Marlin

319 E. Lee Street, Sylvester, GA

License # FR-0001590019

Licensed for 6

Rosena Best

2107 HAGOOD ST, Savannah, GA

License # FR-000001623

Licensed for 6

Tammie Campbell

21 Nelson Street, Savannah, GA

License # FR-000010265

Licensed for 6

Flor Acosta

930 CHARTER CLUB DRIVE, Lawrenceville, GA

License # FR-0500171

Licensed for 6

Esther Carson

1810 MCKENDREE LAKE DRIVE, Lawrenceville, GA

License # FR-000010242

Licensed for 6

Frances Christian

1361 GREEN OAK CIRCLE, Lawrenceville, GA

License # FR-000007146

Licensed for 6

Doris Edwards


License # FR-000009468

Licensed for 6

Mariama Diallo

1658 Christiana Drive, Lawrenceville, GA

License # FR-55371

Licensed for 6

Patricia Lonnon

2115 HAGOOD STREET, Savannah, GA

License # FR-9900107251

Licensed for 6

Dorzia Harrison

1962 FARMWOOD DRIVE, Lawrenceville, GA

License # FR-000007795

Licensed for 6

Lucy Hernandez

1539 Stampmill Way, Lawrenceville, GA

License # FR-0000670714

Licensed for 6

Mary Richardson

1012 W 40TH ST, Savannah, GA

License # FR-000006858

Licensed for 6

Lori Jett

805 SPRINGROCK DRIVE, Lawrenceville, GA

License # FR-000012143

Licensed for 6

Jocelyn Robinson

2010 LEWDEN STREET, Savannah, GA

License # FR-25198

Licensed for 6

Tamera Knight

670 SPRING FOREST DRIVE, Lawrenceville, GA

License # FR-9900105365

Licensed for 6

Olivia Williams

1645 Glen Ridge Drive, Savannah, GA

License # FR-52781

Licensed for 6

Emma Lopez

2155 WILDCAT CLIFFS WAY, Lawrenceville, GA

License # FR-000015016

Licensed for 6

Suezenette McDonald

1447 Azalea Drive, Lawrenceville, GA

License # FR-49535

Licensed for 6

Vera Marchel

1637 ELEANOR STREET, Savannah, GA

License # FR-0000250930

Licensed for 6

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