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Let’s make child care better
for everybody

Join a mission-driven startup to build technologies and create communities to help millions of parents, providers, and young children.

Our Mission

At NeighborSchools we’re building a world where every family has access to really good, affordable child care. We do this by empowering caregivers, overwhelmingly women, to launch & operate their own small, independent daycares. We believe that working together we can build a better, more sustainable, and more equitable model for child care. And we know it’s possible, because it’s already working in hundreds of communities – and we’re just getting started.

How we do it


We build software that gives caregivers the superpowers they need as small business owners


We help connect parents and caregivers to take care of our children, and each other.


Child care is personal, and so are we; we support our caregivers and parents at every step.

With NeighborSchools I get to bring my passion to work every day. I get so amped up every time we help a caregiver launch a new daycare, or help a mama like me find the right match.

Courtney Troy

Sales @ NeighborSchools, Mom to Hanky & Theo, and budding Harley Davidson rider

How we work

We collaborate

We wear different hats, but we’re one unified team, and we work together to make it happen.

We hustle

Solving big problems requires dedication and grit. We aim high and move fast.

We care

We know our caregivers & parents by name, and we push everyday for their success above all else.

Selected Press:

Building products that impact people so directly is really rewarding. We get to solve hard problems and make a difference at the same time, and that’s the dream in my mind.

Emmett Moore

Engineer @ NeighborSchools,
Climber, lover of dogs and cats, and aspiring chess player

Open Opportunities

Updated Sept 1, 2022

No current openings at this time. Want to get in touch anyway? Reach out to us directly and tell us how you’ll help us achieve our mission.

How we support you





Unlimited PTO

Let’s find a really good daycare for you

Get your own recommendations based on your preferences, daily routine, and what matters most to you.