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Randolph’s New Sunshine Home Daycare Built on Years of Experience

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Angie Peechatka

Angie Peechatka

A new daycare in Randolph, MA run by licensed Home Daycare Provider Esther Delia will open this fall. Esther says the business is a long-held dream, which began when she put her twin daughters in child care eight years ago.

Ms. Esther plays with children at her daycare in Randolph, MA Little Sunshine Home Daycare will open in Esther Delia’s Randolph home this fall.

“I was scared,” Esther admits. “Now I know how much training goes into becoming a Provider and getting licensed, all the paperwork and inspections and reviews. But back then, I just knew that I was trusting someone with caring for my daughters all day, and I was a scared parent.” 

“But now, here I am, opening my own daycare in Randolph. I understand what parents are going through, and I look forward to helping everyone feel comfortable.”

Although Esther placed her daughters in child care so she could return to work, she volunteered at the program as much as her schedule would allow and soon discovered her passion for helping children learn. When her daughters moved into a pre-kindergarten class at a child care center, she made the decision to accept a full-time position at the same facility.

“I love seeing all the children grow; I’m just so proud of them,” says Esther. “I think people sometimes underestimate kids, just because they’re little. But I love to give them a chance and see what they’re capable of—sometimes it even surprises the kids!”

Esther recounts a recent experience at the center. “We have a baby in our classroom, she’s old enough to walk, but she hadn’t even stood up yet. Every day, I practiced standing with her. Just two or three minutes each day—I didn’t want to exhaust her, but I wanted it to be consistent. Then, all on her own, she started standing. We were all clapping and cheering; it was so exciting!” 

Over time, Esther’s love for child care creeped into her personal life as well. “My friends are always sending their kids over to my house, especially in the summer,” she laughs. “We’ll read together, do school work, and spend lots of time playing outside. I even taught a few of the local kids how to ride a bike!”  

Finally, Esther decided to draw on her personal and professional child care experience to open her own daycare. “I really want the kids to feel like they are at home when they are at my daycare,” Esther explains. “At big child care centers, there can be a lot of kids and a lot of activity, with people coming and going throughout the day. All that busyness can be really stressful for the little ones. At my daycare, we’ll be a small group and—even though we’ll have a schedule and rules—the kids will feel safe and secure.”

"I understand what parents are going through, and I look forward to helping everyone feel comfortable." says Esther about opening her daycare in Randolph, MA.

Esther says it’s also important for parents to feel secure, and she has taken steps to design her program accordingly. For example, Little Sunshine Home Daycare will open at 6:30 am to allow parents and guardians plenty of time to drop children off before work. “I want to make sure that I am supporting the parents,” she says. “I’ve been there, I know it’s stressful and mornings can be very rushed. I want to reduce that pressure by opening earlier and staying in touch with parents throughout the day.”

As a NeighborSchools Provider, Esther has received personalized support in navigating the requirements to become a licensed home daycare, regulated and certified by Massachusetts’ Department of Early Education and Care (EEC). All FCC providers are required to undergo trainings on childhood development and safety; complete a thorough home inspection and three-part background check; and maintain current pediatric CPR & First Aid certificates. Once the daycare opens, NeighborSchools will continue to provide marketing expertise, curriculum support, business systems oversight, and financial advice.

“Setting up a daycare is a lot of work,” says Esther. “It’s great that it’s so regulated by the state, but there is a lot to organize as you’re going through the process. NeighborSchools has been a tremendous help in keeping me on track to open on time.”

As Esther finishes setting up her space and finalizing her program, she says she is looking forward to opening her doors to local families. “We’re going to learn the alphabet, practice our numbers, sing songs, dance; we’re going to have a lot of fun,” says Esther, explaining that she even has a tiny piano—although she will be learning to play alongside the children. “I do know Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star!” she laughs.

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Angie Peechatka

Angie Peechatka

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